Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singapore National Day Celebration

Today is Malaysian National day. In Malaysia, the parade started at around 7am and ended around 11am. The fireworks usually started at the stroke of midnight on the eve of the national day.

It is different with Singapore as I discovered in my last trip. In Singapore the parade started around 6pm around Marina Bay.

My last visit to Singapore also coincide with their National day. So, let's share what i managed to record there

Singapore Air Force elite team, known as the Black Knight making the air show with what I presumed to be F-16

Fire works started at 8pm and lasted about 15 minutes. I was at boat quay to capture this moments.


Johnny Ong said...

somehow have never been to singapore during their national day

Reanaclaire said...

last nite there was fireworks in ipoh stadium here..managed to watch it from my house.. lasted 10 min.. once a year affair.. i m sure singapore one was much better.