Friday, February 27, 2009

Hui Ning Garden

Hui Ning Garden is about 5km from Sibu town and it took me like 15 minutes to cycle there from the town. It is located at Upper Lanang Road.

The garden is small and consists of a row of rectangular pillars and a row of trees on the other side. Green square separating the pillars and the trees.

Each of the pillars had this plaque on it. I am unable to make sense out of it. Probably the year indicate when the place was found or developed.

There are enough foliage here to soothe the eyes. Marble chairs are available in between the pillars for visitors to assimilate into the atmosphere.

There are 2 sheds just facing the main road, Lanang Road

From the sheds, one can observe the traffic flow along Lanang Road

Just next to the sheds is an interesting mural carving depicting the Chinese history and cultural.

The statues of the local Chinese leaders (I have no idea who are them)

The plaque indicate that the Garden was officiated on June 2002 by our Chief Minister

Overall, the garden is well maintained and clean. There is not much activities to do here except sitting down and enjoying the surrounding, especially during weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

RCL No. 1 Shuttlecock Review

RCL No. 1 is regarded as the premium grade of all the RCL's shuttlecock series. RCL No. 1 cost at RM65 at West Malaysia per tube.

RCL No. 1 sticker at the base of the cock can be easily identified by its light brown and light blue colour. I had high hope on this shuttlecock after the impressive performance of RCL Professional and RCL Titanium.

This is how the shuttlecock turned out to be after the first game (1n a 15 points system). No feather had detached and the original circular shape still remain intact.

I must say, RCL No. 1 had the best flight performance of all the RCL shuttlecocks I tried. Me and my buddies who played with it were very impressed with its flight. I can direct my shots accurately and comfortably.

This is how the shuttlecock looks like after finishing the second game. Pretty "bruised" up I will say. Some feather had detached and it started to lose its original circular shape. Its flight performance also suffer tremendously towards the end of the second game.

I was a bit disappointed with its endurance as I expect it to last more than the second game. So, we tried another shuttlecock and the result matched the first outcome. Hence, I concluded that RCL No. 1 lifespan should be until the second game.

Even though the endurance of RCL No. 1 is not up to my expectation, its flight performance is exceptional. One of the best shuttlecock in term of flight performance I ever played with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Exeter is surprisingly a city status considering its small size. The city is about 110km southwest from Bristol, which is about 2 hours drive. My friends who were studying at University of Exeter dubbed this city as "City for the Retired". The reason for it is because there are more old folks around here than youngster.

The most prominent landmark here is the Exeter Cathedral. It is sure a beautiful cathedral.

The Quayside

The Quay

There is not much to see here but it is sure a peaceful place. The people here are friendly and it is a good opportunity to mingle with the old folks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Cardiff is the Welsh capital, is less than a hour drive from Bristol. The journey will pass through the elegant Severn Bridge.

Cardiff Castle is a good place to start the city tour. The ticket cost GBP1.80 (student rate) back in 1998.

Here is the general layout of Cardiff Castle.

The Castle is standing on a Roman site developed by the Normans, it was embellished by William Burges in the 1860s, and each room is now a wonderful example of Victorian "medieval" decoration.

Five minutes walk from Cardiff Castle is the National Museum and Gallery of Wales in Cathay Park houses a version of Rodin's The Kiss, a fine collection of Impressionist paintings and natural history and archaeological exhibits.

Cathay Park with the mini water fountain at the background

Lady Luck was on my side that day as there was a performance at Cathay Park. I assume this is the traditional Welsh dance.

Wales iconic symbol is the dragon and it is widely sold at the souvenir shops around the city

Other places on interest at Cardiff are Cardiff Bay, Welsh Industrial and Maritime Museum, The Museum of Welsh Life, Blaenafon Big Pit Mining Museum and Castell Coch. All these attractions are outside the city centre and can be reached by bus

Monday, February 23, 2009


Nearby Bristol is the handsome town of Bath, an ancient Roman spa town revived by the eighteenth century high society.

Travel time by train from Bristol to Bath is about 15 minutes, if I remember correctly and the return ticket cost GBP4.60 in 1998

Bath is relatively a small town and best explore by foot. Once arrived at the town's train or bus station, head North to explore this magnificent town.

Among the most prominent structure at Bath is the Bath Abbey. The Abbey is renowned for the lofty fifteenth century vault of its choir and the dense carpet of gravestones and memorials which cover the floor.

Inside Bath Abbey

Another Bath's landmark, the Pulteney Bridge

River Avon flowing across the town and below Pulteney Bridge

The best of Bath's eighteenth century architecture is on the high ground to the North of the town, where well proportioned urban planning is best showcased by the elegant Circus and the adjacent Royal crescent.

Another place not to be missed is the Pump Room (with Roman Baths and Museum). The pools, pipes and underfloor heating are remarkable demonstrations of the ingenuity of Roman engineering. The Pump Room, built above the Roman site is the best place to sample the waters while listening to genteel tunes from the resident chamber ensemble. The water had a strong sulfur smell and I had a hard time drinking it as it smells like rotten egg! However, it is said the water is beneficial to our human body.