Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peppers Cafe, Tanahmas Hotel

On my birthday, we went to Peppers Cafe at Tanahmas Hotel. My last visit here was January 2007 where I proposed to my wife.

Peppers Cafe has a good atmosphere. The cafe undergone major refurbishment in 2006. Nice and quiet with relaxing songs. The cafe is equipped with wifi and one can surf the net here. Service is satisfactory.

Tanahmas Hotel is famous for its cheese cake. In fact the cake price is reduced 30% after 6pm. Since it was my birthday, there was a need for a cake. We picked a good looking cake, called "Tanzania" (RM7.50). It was not a cheese cake though. Mainly chocolate cake. It is sweet and delicious.

I had tried most of the food here for the past few years and I plan to have something I never tried before. So, I decided on the Panfry Fish Meuniere (RM21). The portion is small and didn't fill me up after I finished it up. By the way, the fish is nice and full of lavour.

My wife ordered Fish Head Mee Hoon Soup (RM22). The portion was quite large and I end up having to finish half of them as my wife unable to finish the meal. At first, I thought there will be a fish head somewhere but after finishing the dish, the fish head was nowhere to be sighted. Anyway, it is a nice dish and worth trying.

For drink, I ordered the famous Ice Lemon Tea (RM7). It was served in a huge glass. One will need to add sugar solution to the drink according to one's liking of the sweetness level desired.

For dessert, we shared the Sibu Famous Jelly Pisang (RM7). It is a mixture of banana, strawberry jelly, condensed milk, syrup and ice. It tastes really sweet, especially the strawberry jelly. It is a creative product/menu but didn't satisfy my taste buds.

Well, it was a good night out. I'm one year older now. Hopefully I will stay young forever.


cc said...

A quiet night out with love ones is always the best. :)

elezend said...

Romantic dinner and the food isn't as expensive as most of the high class restaurants :)

Johnny Ong said...

u will get old when u have no purpose in life. get those dreams of yrs lighted up again

Borneo Falcon said...

Thanks Johnny for the word of encouragement.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments.

jhunnelle said...

eyyyy, happy bday!!!!!! oh btw your wife is beautiful:)

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

yeah!! pretty wife!!