Friday, August 15, 2008

Air Asia Experience

Last week I went to Singapore via Johor Bahru using Air Asia flight AK5755. The flight was scheduled to take off at 1725 but it was ahead of scheduled and departed from Sibu airport at 1710 and arrive at 1830, some 25 minutes ahead of the expected time of arrival.

My return flight from Johor Bahru to Sibu this week was equally impressive. Depart at 1510 from the scheduled 1525 and arrive at 1645, some 15 minutes ahead of schduled.

The inflight magazine, the 3 Sixty also appear to be in good condition. Previously in my Air Asia flight, the magazine was either not available or pretty mess up already by the previous passengers

There was not many people onboard on my flight from Sibu to Johor Bahru. I reckon about 30% occupancy. The seats are pretty cramp for a tall person like me. My knee will be touching the back of the front seat with the my seat upright. Also I notice chewing gum and rubbish at the front pocket in my return flight. Disgusting!

The flight menu also appear to be in one piece. Some food/drinks are only available during domestic or Indonesia or Thailand flight.

I decided to try the Sri Melur Jaya Roti Jala. This meal is priced at RM6. Apparently I have to wait for a few minutes when I ordered it as they need to heat it up.

The roti jala is basically minced curry chicken wrapped in net like crepe. There are 4 pieces of roti jala and is served with curry chicken.

Basically, just dip the roti jala in the curry and eat it. WARNING: It's really hot! But it tastes really good. Like it. Highly recommended.


mhel said...

I had my first Air Asia experience when we went to KL (if I'm not mistaken). It was a punctual and friendly flight, but I didn't expect too much about the airline. Most often, we get what we pay for this low cost and no frills carrier.

The food looks yummy!:)

Unknown said...

I only remember that I used air asia airlines with my friends to go to KK from Miri. Basically, I think that Miri air asia is better. =)

Heard from my other friends that the air asia from Brunei to KL sucks. The service is not good and the securities are not friendly at all. o.O

and btw, thats not a book.Its a picture I copy from Eviiee's blog. =P I will not waste my money on that. Haha!

and Yup, I am very poor in physics... so my maths mechanics paper is really poor... last year I got a C, thats why have to retake this year again...

Poor physics concept... =S

nickee said...

The seat is okay for a short distance flight. It's good that for AirAsia X they use different aircraft. The roti jala looks yummy! Heard it's the CEO's fave food..

Johnny Ong said...

cant recall whether there was a roti jala in the menu when i travelled from kl to langkawi last time

Qian said...

oh, the food in AirAsia looks nice, but i think it's abit expensive.
Wao, a flight with only 30% occupy, must be so empty!!

nahj12 said...

hmmm.. yummy food.. looks yummy.. :)..

thanks for dropping by :)