Friday, July 30, 2010

Pudu Prison Wall

The historic Pudu Prison recently made a headline in the local newspaper as its eastern wall was demolished to make way for road widening project in the heart of the bustling Kuala Lumpur city centre.

The main attraction of this prison is the impressive mural of tropical scenes which is typical sight in our country.

The watch towers along the wall are of unique design and different from each other

Graffiti on the wall which warn the public not to do drug as it is a death penalty in our country for drug abuse.

This is my favourite mural along the wall. I believe someone add the hammock and a drunkard on it.

The prison was built by British colonial government in 1891 and was completed in 1895. I believe this place is haunted and full of paranormal activities.

The main entrance arch of the prison is probably the most recognizable structure of this prison. Such a shame they had partially demolished the wall. It could have been more meaningful if it was to convert into a museum as it is part of our country heritage.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transformers Display @ Malaysia International Toy Fair

There was a comprehensive of Transformers display by Transmy at the Malaysia International Toy Fair. They definitely impressed me with their wide collection of the toys from the 80s until the recent one.

Here are the combiners from the G1 era, Predaking, Menasor and Abominus. They are all the fusions of all five individual robot from particular group such as Predacons, Stunticons and Terrorcons. I notice Bruticus (Combaticons) was not among the crowd.

Stunticons will make their appearance in the next Transformers movie and all of them will combine to form Menasor. It will be also an interesting duel between the Stunticons leader, Motormaster with Optimus Prime.

The Fortress Maximus towered above the rest of the Autobots. Even the combiners look tiny.

This is Trypticon, a giant dinosaur which transform to a Decepticon base is a long time nemesis to Metroplex. I really wish I had one of this.

I can see Hot Rodimus, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus and Six Shot. Six Shot can transforms to 6 alternate modes and not many Transformers can achieve that.

Some of the classic G1 Transformers, Blaster, Sky Lynx and Galvatron.

The Dinobots with their leader, Grimlock. By the way, the Dinobots are not very bright Autobots.

This is another classic Transformers. These trio can combine to form a camera, mainly used in Decepticon's espionage mission.

Quintesson on the top left which is responsible for creating both the Autobots and Decepticons according to the G1 stroy line.

The reissue version of both Mirage and Shockwave. Shockwave will features in Transformers 3 as the main villain.

2 giant planet Transformers, the fearsome Unicron and his half brother, Primus of Planet Cybertron

Beast Wars Transformers which feature Optimus Primal, Megatron and Silverbolt.

Megatron from the first movie version.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010

Yesterday I went to Malaysia' very first International Toy Fair. In fact, I had been looking forward for such event as I am a toy enthusiast myself.

The toy fair was held from 24-25th July 2010 at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. I was a bit disappointed that the organizer charge RM3 for entrance fee.

Here are the participating groups for this event. Some came from Brunei and the Philippines.

The arrangement of the booths inside the exhibition centre is not that ideal when the place is crowded.

I am not familiar with Dweey but there is quite a huge display on it here.

Comic books and Nendoroids were also on sale here.

The 501st Legion Malaysia-Brunei Outpost came out with costumes of the Star Wars characters.

The Transmy showcase their Transformers collection. I shall dedicate a post on this display in my next post due to their extensive Transformers display here.

I watch Macross when I was young but these got to be the newer series of the Macross.

Unfortunately, there is no Gundam display here but there were Gundam for sale. I am sure there were a lot of die-hard Gundam fans on that day.

Master Q figurines.

Other comic figurines such as Batman, Ironman and X-Men

Overall, I believe this fair is a far cry from other toy fair in this region. There is still a lot of room for improvement but it is definitely a good start to have such fair in Malaysia. I would definitely love to see some classic and vintage toys from the 80s such as MASK, Centurions, Zone Riders, GI Joe, Visionaries, Voltron and etc in the next edition.