Saturday, October 30, 2021

Liang Yew Cafe

I hardly stop by at this place but I read it is the oldest kampua mee coffee shop in Sibu and I couldn't resist to stop by as I am now working at the office next to this row of shop house at Jalan Pulau. 

The interior of the coffee shop is rustic and probably minimal renovation since its establishment. The noodle is still prepared by the same old couple. It just amazed me that the old man at his age is still able to dish out kampua noodle in such a short time.

I ordered a kampua mee (with soya sauce) and a cup of hot coffee which cost about RM 4.50. The noodle here is not great nor bad. The kampua noodle here is decent and I don't mind stopping by again for a plate.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Round Tower 1886 Cafe & Restaurant

The Round Tower in Kuching is a historical building which the original purpose is still a mystery. Now it is converted into a trendy cafe and restaurant.

I cannot remember that there was a cafe here during my last visit here which was many years ago.  I always fancy an opportunity to dine in such historical building.

My first impression when I walking into the place is that this cafe is specialized in coffee and cakes.

One could opt to dine outdoor which is also not a bad idea considering how they transform the place. 

I ordered a sirloin steak and they cooked the steak to my liking. It comes with pepper sauce and the sauce really enhanced the overall taste of the steak.

This place is also an ideal place to wind down after a long day at work. The lack of variety of beers are understood during this pandemic period. The place close quite early and we need to pay our bill by 10.30pm.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Current State of Sarawak Plaza

Sarawak Plaza is probably the best performing shopping complex among the trio; Tun Jugah, Riverside and Sarawak Plaza.

The basement level is occupied by F&B outlets. If I remember correctly, there used to be a supermarket down here.

Among the last surviving Hartz Chicken Buffet outlets in Malaysia is located here.

Lea Sports Centre seems to be the main tenant here. There are still many empty lots here. Some were probably forced to shuttered due to the recent pandemic.

Hope this place could rise again. It is just s stone throw away from Grand Margherita Hotel which also happen to be my favourite hotel while in Kuching.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Current State of Riverside Shopping Complex

During my younger day Riverside Shopping Complex used to be a go to shopping complex until bigger and more modern malls  started to make their presence in Kuching.

I was rather shocked with its current scenario now. Parkson used to be the main tenant here and they had totally moved out. The shelves which once used to display all sort of merchandises are still visible.

There are now many empty retail spaces with some businesses still hanging on. This place has seen a better day.

The shopping complex is ideally located at the city centre with the waterfront just opposite it. However, it might find it hard to survive as it will still need to compete with other newer malls.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching also known as BCCK is a dedicated convention centre in Kuching. It is located at Kuching Isthmus which is surrounded by industrial area and is about 8km from the city.

From far, BCCK roof design reminds me of the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The common area is quite spacious.

Various countries' flags are hung over the ceiling. There is still room at the common area to accommodate a few more banquet tables.

The VIP holding room is quite plush with luxurious white sofas and ceiling lights.

The banquet hall is the largest hall at this convention centre with a capacity of 2000 delegates.

There are also a few more meeting rooms of various size and capacity. This is my first time here and I find the facilities here satisfactory.

The only downside is probably the quality of the food served by the restaurant here. There is no buffet style dining due to the latest procedure and delegates are confined to their own table only. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

The LimeTree Hotel Revisited

My last stay at The LimeTree Hotel was in 2012 and I decided to stay here again recently as this hotel has never been a quarantine hotel in Kuching during the pandemic. My last stay here was about 9 years ago. I had a pleasant experience back then and I expect the same this time around.

There aren't many guests staying here this week and the lobby area is mostly quiet during my entire stay. The hotel is still well maintained after all these years.

I booked a standard room (RM 110.50) which is quite small but it is not an issue if one is travelling alone. The important thing is that the room is always clean and comfortable.

Guests are given complimentary breakfast. There are no more buffet and breakfast is served by 7am. I was not given any choice on what I prefer and they just serve what is available on the day. Wish they could serve breakfast as early as 6.30am. It is also a good thing that they rotate the breakfast menu every morning.

Will I come back to this hotel to stay again? Without a doubt. This is one of my favourite afoordable hotel in Kuching