Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jack Pork Cafe

Jack Pork Cafe is a new food outlet in Sibu. Having passed by this place a few times, my first impression was that this place is specialized in pork dishes.

I am pretty amazed with what they did with the interior decoration. This is definitely one of the best place to dine in town. Lighting is pretty dim here though.

Each table has chilli, tomato and mustard sauce on it. It also offers value for money set lunch which looks worth the penny.

Pork Chop (RM 18) comes with a choice of Sweet Vinegar or Black Pepper Sauce. I opted for the sweet vinegar sauce and this dish did not disappoint me. Served with fries and potato. This is probably the first time I had a Pork Chop served with a banana leaf beneath it.

Ole-Ole Chicken (RM 18) looks like a Balinese food which comes with spicy chicken thigh, preserved vegetable and fries. The chicken is alright but there is no gravy to go with the rice.

I wish they have pork knuckle (and probably some German beers) inside the menu as this may attract some pork enthusiast. I hope to try their pork burgers in my next visit.

Jack Pork Cafe
No. 8, Jalan Chew Geok Lin,
Sibu, Sarawak.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kemena Hotel

For the last 1 month, I been visiting Bintulu for both leisure and official purpose. As there are abundance of choices in term of accommodation, I decided to stay around Assyakirin Commerce Square this time around and hence my pick is Kemena Hotel.

I notice a lot of people stay around this area, especially those involved in the MLNG project here. It was full house during my stay here and booking in advance is highly recommended. Check in is quite smooth once early booking has been made.

The lobby area is quite spacious for a 2 star hotel although I would prefer to see more elevators been installed here. Currently, there is only one.

There is a bar at the lobby which serve Kilkenny in draught. The beer scene around this area is comparable to those in Kota Kinabalu.

The Deluxe Room (RM 140) is reasonably spacious and clean. My only complain is the lack of lighting in way of the beds area which made reading fairly uncomfortable while lying on the bed.

I was glad to have a clear view of Assyakirin Village as well as Bintulu town from my room. Most of the prominent structures such as the civic centre, New World Suites, Li Hua Hotel, Parkcity Evely Hotel and etc.

Kemena Hotel,
Lot 176, Assyakirin Commerce Square,
Bintulu, Sarawak.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Borneo Cultural Festival 2014

Borneo Cultural Festival is probably the biggest event for Sibu and this year, the folks throng in droves to the venue at Sibu Town Square.

This year, the event is held from 15 - 24th August, somewhat a deviation from the usual June or July. The event was threatened as it rained heavily on the first day but Lady Luck was smiling on Saturday for a perfect evening weekend for the families.

The event don't differ much from the previous year with an allocated corner for each ethic groups in Sarawak to showcase their culture and food.

I even spotted an Optimus Prime made primarily from tin cans and other recycled items.

Borneo Cultural Festival really means a lot to the locals here judging by the crowds here and it is without a shadow of a doubt that it shall made its return every single year.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu

Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu is the first luxury hotel of the town which strategically located next to the Kemena River and opposite the vibrant Parkcity Commercial Area. It has an unique "step design" facade which kind of differentiate it from the other hotels in town.

It has a huge lobby area but the check in counter is rather small. With only 2 - 3 staffs manning the counter at one time, it will not able to speed up the check in and check out process should a large crowd came here. To make things worse, there are only 2 elevators installed in the hotel and the waiting time will surely be longer if the hotel has achieved full occupancy.

The hotel is still well maintained after all this years. The corridor leading to guest rooms exudes a modern design. Wifi connection is free and good throughout the hotel area.

The standard twin (RM 197.20) really impress me. The room has adequate space and comes with 2 queen sized beds. Guests will be spoil of choices as the hotel has 22 TV channels to keep the guests entertained. The only thing I don't like is the window blind. I would prefer a normal curtain for the window instead.

The size of the bathroom is something one could normally find in a 5 star hotel with all the basic amenities available.

It is interesting also as I had never come across any hotel which standby a sarung for the guest. It comes with instruction on how to wear it. The room also has extra pillows, electronic safety deposit box and ironing board.

This is one of the best hotel I stayed so far and definitely would recommend to anyone who stop over in Bintulu.