Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perodua Service: Viva

Last Sunday, I had my car serviced at Perodua Service Centre. This was the 3rd scheduled maintenance for my Perodua Viva since bought it on December last year.

The only authorized service centre here for Perodua here is Ngu Chung Beng & Son Corporation. Their workshop is located at Jalan Bukit Lima. The reception area is manned surprisingly by teenagers. Really wonder they can understand the technical aspect of the vehicles.

I was attended by a teenage girl and she document down the mandatory service for the 3rd planned maintenance service. She also recommended me for some additional accessories (she highly recommend me the acoustic insulator at RM91.30) as shown above but I declined.

There is TV, magazines and newspaper at the waiting area. There is also filtered hot/cold water available. The waiting area is air conditioned, so it is quite comfortable. It will be also be crowded if many people service their vehicle at one time as the waiting area can accommodate roughly 20 persons.

My Perodua Viva been raised for engine oil change as well as renewing the fuel filter with gasket.

Time to pay up. The cashier counter is located adjacent to the waiting area. The service time is 30 minutes and it cost me a total of RM 92. Let analyze the breakdown, Engine oil: RM70.50, Oil Filter: RM14.20, Fuel Filter gasket: RM5.30 & I opt for the optional Windshield shampoo: RM2

I opened up the car bonnet to give it a good inspection. Found the engine cover was dusty. They should have clean it when they service the car as this will affect the air filter element inside it. Other than that, all the components condition were found satisfactory.

This is the engine oil used for my car. It is Perodua premium engine oil. On closer inspection, it is manufactured by Petronas for Perodua.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Friendship Garden

Not far from the Lake Garden, about 400m is the Friendship Garden. It is not a big garden.

These rock formation welcomed the visitors to the garden

At the edges of the rock formation is this word "Taman Persahabatan" which translate into Friendship Garden.

This plaque indicate that the Garden is officiated by a minister

Tour and view around the garden. It basically make up of a small open area square, trees and fields.

My trusty bicycle which is my transport to bring me to the Lake and Friendship Garden. I am trying to save the environment!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake Garden

About 7km from Sibu town, there is a Lake Garden, also known as Soon Hup Garden. It took me about 40 minutes to cycle there from my home.

From Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, one will see this sign post that will direct you to the Lake Garden. Just go straight and the lake should be on the right hand side after a while.

There are 2 starting points to explore the late. I will the clockwise walking direction

Here are some of view of the path and the lake

Shades are available at a few spots

After a while, one will come to this jungle walk where the floor is made of steel grating

Along the jungle walk one will saw this bended lamp post and dilapidated observation tower.

Along the jungle walk is a toilet. One section is for the man and another section is for the lady. Unfortunately, it was locked

The jungle walk end in what to appear like a small jetty by the lake

Well, that not the end of the line yet, take a left hand turn to continue on this path

and enjoy the lake scenery

Then one will come across this "hill"

Go over the hill and there is this funny looking chair around it

Once over the hill, the stone feature garden should be straight ahead

There is place to take shower near here.

A tour to the stone features. There is water spraying from the nozzles located at the floors but there is no water to be seen when I was there. Maybe there is no visitor around 4pm and the water spray is not activated.

Then there is another short jungle walk back to where it started. This time the jungle walk is of wooden plank.

The one round walk around the garden took me nearly 1 hour, without engaging in any other activities en route. For joggers, it is a good place to run as there will be at least 4 different terrain to run at; tar, wooden plank, steel grating and ground.

It is a nice and beautiful place to hang around but the concerned authority must make effort to maintain it and basic facilities such as the toilet should be accessible to the public.