Monday, August 18, 2008

Naza Hotel Johor Bahru

I stayed in Naza Hotel Johor Bahru in my last visit to Johor Bahru. It is located at Jalan Tenteram. This is my first visit and stay in this hotel.

I am rather shocked when the taxi arrived at the hotel. This stairs will lead one to the lobby and reception counter. There might be an issue if visitor is carrying a heavy or bulky trolley luggage. Then one might have to carry those luggage up the stairs. A ramp on one side could be a better idea for the hotel management to consider.

Otherwise the visitor can enter the hotel's cafe at the ground floor (beside this stairs) and use the lift to 1st floor where the check in counter is.

The lobby area is surprisingly spacious and beautiful for a 3 stars hotel. I simply love it.

This is the reception counter. The staff is friendly and will help to contact the taxi (even taxi going to Singapore) if there is a need. During my stay, some of the hotel rooms are undergoing renovation and new staffs are under training.

The key and the breakfast voucher were placed inside the envelope like this. I would have expect a better presentation.

There is also swimming pool available but the surrounding area undergone renovation. Hence, we were unable to use the facility

Access to the room is by key rather than the user friendly magnetic card. However, the key is small enough to be fitted in the pocket and can be carried out of the hotel.

I'm staying in Room 812 on the 8th floor. If not mistaken, the hotel consists of 11 floors. The corridor is satisfactory. Ironing board is available at the corridor if there is a need by the visitor to use it

I also note that the hotel probably lack of security as I did not see any CCTV around the hotel.

I am very impressed with the room. For RM168 per night (breakfast for 2 included), I never expected the room to be so nice and spacious. Note the room is provided with 4 pillows, 2 mini pillows and 2 mini bolsters. There is also a couch beside the window. The room can easily accommodate 4 person.

The view is equally stunning. One can view the Johor Bahru City Centre from the window. The city centre is basically some 200m away but can't be reached as the new CIQ (Custom, Immigration and Quarantine) Complex is been built in between the hotel and the city centre.

I would have to say I make a mistake by staying at the hotel, as far as location is concerned as there is nothing much around here. Hardly any place to eat. Since the city centre is inaccessible by foot, the area surrounding the hotel is rather desserted. I hope the city council could bulid an underpass so the area can be linked to the city centre by foot.

The 5 stars Grand Blue Wave is just a stone throw away from Naza Hotel and can be viewed from the window.

There are television guide book, paper, envelope and promotional brochure on the table. No feedback forms for me to leave a feedback for the management.

Some of the amenities available are tissue paper, ash tray, mini freezer, electric kettle, 2 bottles of filtered water, coffee and tea. However there are 2 tea cups but only 1 spoon available.

As for the toilet amenities, there are the standard shower cap, 2 bottles of shampoo and 2 bar of soap. Surprisingly, they also include tooth brush and comb, another features not usually found in a 3 stars hotel here.

However there was only a roll of toilet paper. I am rather concern that the existing roll will be finished during my duration of stay.

The shower sprinkler is huge and adjustable. There is a partition between the shower and the toilet.

Outside view of the hotel.

Overall, I am satisfied with Naza Hotel Johor Bahru. Good value for the facilities and comfort offered. There is always room for improvement and hopefuly the management of the hotel note the issues I highlighted above. The location and accessibility to the city centre is also an issue. The good impression here will prompt me to stay at their other hotels in Melaka and Penang in the future.


Johnny Ong said...

for that price, its considered good already

eunice said...

I ever stayed in one of the hotels in JB too and like it, but forgot what is the name.. I love the buffets in Malaysia hotels cos usually they are cheaper than Singapore's. It's a good rest and relax hotel retreat.