Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Mulu Deer Cave

Deer Cave is the world's largest cave at 2km long and 174m high. The cave got its name as this is the area where the deer used to shelter. Nowadays, the deer is nowhere to be seen.

Just as we about to enter the cave, there is a red post box stand. This happen to be the first post box in Unesco World Heritage Cave.

The cave is huge that it is said it can accommodate 40 Boeing 747s. It is pretty dark inside the cave. A powerful torch light could be useful.

One of the highlight of the cave is the view at certain angle while inside the cave which bears a resemblance of the profile of Abraham Lincoln. This is due to the specific formation near the cave entrance.

The cave is home to many species of bats. Around 5 to 6pm, millions of bats will exit the cave which is awe inspiring sight when viewed from the bat observatory.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Mulu Lang Cave

Lang Cave is a 3km walk from the Mulu National Park. This cave is basically just a stone throw away from the more well known cave, Deer Cave.

Lang Cave was not discovered at the same time as the nearby Deer Cave. From what I been told, a native with the name of Lang found this cave by accident. Hence, the name of the cave.

Lang Cave is really beautiful in the inside; with interesting stalactites and stalagmite. For taller person, it is recommended to watch up for your head as I myself had a few close call.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Mulu Clearwater Cave

After visitng the Penan village, Clearwater cave is another 10 minutes boat ride down the Melinau River.

To reach the Clearwater cave from the picnic area, one would have to take the steps up. The stairs and walk path are well built for anyone.

One could find some of the rarest plant at this cave which had adopted to the environment

Clearwater cave  is Asia's largest cave. It has a subterranean river which is part navigable by boat. The ongoing Clearwater Cave System survey resulted 220km in 2017 

The river in this cave carries an estimated 20 tonnes of dissolved limestone out of the cave each year.

The cave provides a home for many interesting animals like bats, birds and snakes and some like cave crab, blind catfish and even a cricket that eats bird eggs.

After exploring the cave, one could take a refreshing swim at the river at  the picnic area. 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Penan Village in Mulu

There is a Penan Village in Mulu which is worth visiting while on the way to Clearwater Cave. The village is about 15 minutes boat ride from the Mulu National Park along the Melinau River.

The Penan here now stayed in a modern longhouse with simple lifestyle. There is hardly any phone or internet connection here.

The best part while visiting the Penan village is shopping for their handicraft. Their handicrafts are beautiful and reasonably priced. As there is no ATM here, it is best to bring enough cash in hand to make the purchase.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

The best place to stay while in Mulu is without a doubt the Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa. It is a 5 star hotel surrounded by lush rainforest.

The lobby area adopt an open space concept. The lobby is very spacious and beautifully decorated. With suitable sofas around, one could easily get some work done as this is the only area with Wifi and phone connection.

The internet speed is surprisingly fast. ?I measured the speed at 64Mbps. That is even faster than most of the hotels in urban area.

One would have to walk on raised wooden walkway to get to the rooms. It is an enjoyable walk while enjoying the surrounding mother nature. It is always advisable to have an umbrella or poncho ready as one will get drenched should it rain here.

The room is big and luxurious. It is fitted with air conditioner and ceiling fan. The room features luxury bedding to ensure guests have a good rest while staying here. There will be hardly any internet or phone connection once in the room.

The same can be said about the size of the bathroom. There is a bath tub too which is ideal to relax the body after a hard day exploring the national park and the caves.

The room also have a private balcony with picturesque view. I wish there are mosquito netting in way of the access to the balcony so as to allow fresh air into the room. One will run a risk of letting the outside insects into the room by leaving the balcony door open. I was bitten by a big sized mosquito while letting the door open.

The swimming pool here is about the right size to take a dip for both adults and children.

Marriott Cafe is the only place to dine here. The service and food choices here simply blew me away.

The event room here is also excellent with good internet connection. The lighting, projector and sound system is on par with other leading hotels at the urban area.

One could also head to the spa to refresh the body and mind while in Mulu. It was not operational at the time of writing. Probably due to its recent opening to the public after the pandemic.

While staying here, I also used the MySejahtera hotspot tracker and there have been no reported case here in the last 14 days