Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bronze Kuan Yin Statue @ Kek Lok Si Temple

The Bronze Kuan Yin Statue in Kek Lok Si temple is the newest attraction here. Completed in 2002, it stands prominently at 30.4 m

The bronze statue is simply awesome from close up. However, visitors are not allowed to get close enough as construction work on the shelter is still ongoing.

Some of the other statutes adjacent to the bronze statue. I believe one day visitor will be able to go up to the statue viewing platform.

The view from here is spectacular. Georgetown and Penang bridge can be seen from a distant away.

It has a beautiful pavilion and a small prayer hall. A Chinese zodiac garden is located in front of the prayer hall.

This is the view of the inclined lift station. It serves as the only access point to get here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inclined Lift @ Kek Lok Si Temple

In order to reach the bronze Kuan Yin statue at Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, visitor will have the chance to ride on the 1st inclined lift in Malaysia.

The lift is operational from 8.30am until 5.30pm everyday. Visitor have to queue up for their turns as there are only 2 lifts available.

The ride isn't free as it cost RM4 for adult (2 way) and half of that cost for children. All the collected money will be used for temple development and maintenance.

Visitor could actually walk up as there are stairs are available alongside the rail guide of the inclined lifts. However, the entrance to the walkways are locked. Hence, visitors are left with little choice but to take the lift.

To operate the lift is rather straight forward. Just up and down button with an emergency button in case something went wrong.

The inclined lift offers a nice view of the surrounding and it takes roughly 1 minute to reach its destination.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si means "Temple of Supreme Bliss". The construction of the temple began in 1890, with the completion of its seven storey handcrafted "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas" in 1930. The pagoda is considered one of Penang's most beautiful architectural wonders with its Chinese octagonal base, Thai middle tier and Burmese crown.

Kek Lok Si temple is located at Air Itam and can be reached by Rapid Penang bus (No. 201 & 203). The bus fare is RM2 from Georgetown for one way. The bus stop at Air Itam is not so obvious but it stops at Happy Day Coffee Shop.

The journey to the temple for those who opt to walk up the stairs is quite rewarding as there are many stalls which sell all type of souvenirs and nutmeg products.

When visitor is about to reach the temple, one will be greeted by a large pond with the name of Tortoise Liberation Pond. I estimate there are hundreds of tortoise here and I never came across so many tortoise before in my life.

Before venturing further for the main attraction, it is still worth to admire the interior of the various prayer halls available here.

Many deities can be found while walking around the complex.

A 30.2m Kuan Yin bronze statue was completed in 2002, adjacent to the pagoda. Ongoing work is still carried out to put the finishing touch on the shelter for this statue. One will need to take the inclined lift (RM4 for 2 way) to reach here.

Nothing seems to be free here. To enter the pagoda, visitor have to pay RM2 per entry.

The stairs which lead to the top of the pagoda. There are many Buddha statues en route to the pinnacle.

The view from the top of the pagoda is sure rewarding. The whole complex can be viewed clearly from this point.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prince Synergy Badminton Racquet

Recently I purchased a Prince badminton racquet as a replacement for my aging and cracked Carlton Aerogear 800 (purchased in 1992). Prince racquet quality and performance is rather vague as very few professional badminton players are using this brand.

Prince Synergy was originally priced at RM169 but the store is having a 30% discount on the Prince racquet and it works out to be RM118.30. It is definitely a good price if it has a decent quality on the court. I picked Prince Synergy as it has almost the same characteristics of my older racquet which need replacement

According to its specification, the racquet weight is 86g when unstrung with high flex shaft and maximum tension of 25lbs. The racquet is obviously made for a more attacking players.

Prince is an American brand but the racquet is fabricated in China. The company is better known to manufacture squash and tennis racquet. There is definitely a lot of doubt when it comes to a badminton racquet.

It don't have much information on the features or technology incorporated in the racquet except that it is fabricated using hot melt graphite.

Time to put the racquet to the test. It was strung with Yonex Nanogy 98 at 21lbs. It has slightly heavier head to create more momentum when smashing.

The racquet is quite compatible with my playing style and I'm comfortable playing with it. It produces quite a powerful smash and stroke. It has some degree of controllability on the shuttlecock. In fact I been winning matches against my "bogeymen" after using this racquet a few times now.

I am quite impressed and satisfied with Prince Synergy and Prince definitely come out with a decent racquet this time around. I will definitely get another Prince racquet soon as it has the quality I am looking for and it ain't expensive

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cyber Clean

Recently I came across a new high tech cleaning compound called Cyber Clean. It costs RM28 in 140g container

Cyber Clean is a revolutionary product when it comes to cleaning action in cavities where conventional cleaning products have their limitation. The compound cleans and eliminates germs in between all cracks and crevices.

The best part is the product is 95% biodegradable and one can just tossed it to the home backyard or soil when it reaches the maximum cleaning and absorption capacity.

It has a wide range of usage from keyboard, mobile phone, mouse, home telephone and etc.

This is how it looks like then first opened. It feels like silicon gel with cool yellow mass with a refreshing lemon fragrance.

The handling might be a bit awkward for the first time as I do not have any idea on its characteristic. The compound has a bit of moisture on it and it did not have any particular shape.

To use it is rather simple. Just press (do not rub) the compound with dry hands on the surface and dirt will be trapped and germs will be killed.

I use it on keyboard, mobile phones and computer casing air vents. Its pretty easy to use. The compound must be stored back in its air tight container for future use. The colour will changed from yellow to pale green when it reaches its maximum capacity. When the colour changes to pale green, it is an indication to get a new replacement.

Cyber Clean absorbs the dirt and enclosed them. I would say it is a rather effective cleaner. Having said that, from my try out, the compound is able to absorb most of the dirt cavities but some tough cavities still remain. It is not perfect but this product will do for me due to its capabilities to remove most dirt (and kill 99.999% germs at the same time) from a difficult angle.