Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Farewell to My Workstation

Today is the last day I will be working from my current workstation as I will be transfer to another division tomorrow. In fact, I been changing 3 workstations for the last 2 and the half years before landing to the current one which I had occupied roughly for about 7 months.

When I moved into this workstation early this year, everything is brand new. Its strategic location offers better privacy compare to other workstations. I spent more time here than at home, coming back here occasionally on weekend to work. Hence, It is practically my second home.

I am saddened that I have to part with this workstation as I had put a lot of effort to make it a better place to work. I always believe in a conducive workstation where works can be carried out in a more efficient and organized manner.

I always make ensure this part of the table is always clear so my visitors can have a comfortable discussion with me. Sometime I had my lunch at this table too.

I arrange my computer at this tight spot in order to create more room to the other parts of my workstation so that essential documents are within easy reach of my arm.

This is the part where I do my other stuffs when not staring at the computer screen. The only thing I dislike here is the noisy printer's cooling fan which is situated just beside the table.

This cupboard is where I kept my personal belongings while the steel cabinets are for confidential documents.

Well, I will surely miss this spot. I have seen my future workstation and it is a mess and I start to wonder how I can settle down properly starting from tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Raya Decoration 2012 @ Alamanda

It's fasting month again and majority of the shopping malls are gearing up for the festive mood.

Alamanda already got their Raya decoration up before the fasting month began. This year their theme didn't differ much from last year, with the kampung setting as their main decoration.

The wooden kampung structure stood at the centre concourse but no one is allowed to go in. The decoration is merely for display only.

I believe most of the residents in Putrajaya will start to miss their home now by just looking at the replicas of lemang and bicycle which should remind them of their hometown.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kota Kinabalu Swordfish Statue

There is a swordfish statue which form a small roundabout at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, just next to Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. It has since been an iconic landmark of sort for Kota Kinabalu.

This statue was built to commemorate Kota Kinabalu which was given a city status on 2nd February 2000.

Adjacent to the swordfish statue is an esplanade that incorporates dolphin and fish statues. This is one of the best place for photo shooting in the city while enjoying the sea breeze.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 1

Kota Kinabalu International airport is the main gateway to Sabah and is the second busiest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. The terminal 1 mainly served the full service carriers.

Opened in 2007, its design and layout resembled those new airports which can be found in Sarawak. There is no doubt this should be the biggest airport in Borneo.

The other I like about the airport is its position at the seaside which offers a pleasant view of the South China Sea and the surrounding islands while arriving or departing in an aircraft.

The airport offers a decent shopping and dining experience.

Taxi counters, bank services and currency exchange kiosks can be found outside the arrival hall. The journey to explore Kota Kinabalu and Sabah begins right here.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Valentins Weiss Beer

I notice recently a new Weiss beer brand in the market lately. I found this beer at Cold Storage and it costs me RM 16.99 per bottle. I thought it would be another good Weiss beer since it is brewed in Germany.

The beer is named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. It is obvious this charming face will be the marketing tool for the brewer.

The beer is brewed with water, wheat malt, barley malt, hope extract and yeast. Its alcohol content is at 5.3%.

It pours to a deep golden colour. It has a good head but it doesn't last long. The taste starts of with a slightly stale and thin flavour. A little bit of citrus that is joined in a strange way by an earthly yeast presence.

The beer is relatively low in fruity esters. It is still a drinkable beer but obviously not in the same league of the bigger German brands.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Full Moon

It is one of the day I been looking forward since I became a father, my son's full moon. After been deprieved of sleep for 30 days after his birth, it is time for celebration with close family members. He got his first hair cut yesterday morning and he is just so cute with his new hair style.

He looks so smart yesterday when we put on new clothes for him. For the record, I did not see my baby for a total of 10 days during his first 30 days due to work commitment and his physical appearance had changed so much every single week.

From now onward, I will only able to see my loved ones every fortnight. I just wish I could spent more time at my home town and see my son grow up.

I sure going to miss my son very much when I depart this evening.  He is currently 4.4kg now and let's see how much he will weight the next round I'm around.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Floria 2012

I had never miss the Floria festival ever since moving to Putrajaya in 2010. This year, the Malaysia's premier outdoor/indoor garden and flower showcase is held from 30 June - 8 July 2012 at Precinct 2, Putrajaya. This year theme is "Bougainvillea - Enduring Beauty" and one would expect to see a lot of Bougainvillea flowers around this time around.

It was rather unfortunate as I was unable to spent some quality time here this year due to my work and family commitment.

The layout of the site is pretty much the same as with previous years and I manage to walk through the site like the back of my hand.

I enjoy the indoor garden the most as most of the beautiful designs from international designers are on display here.

The design by the Kenyan embassy is rather impressive. They manage to promote their country and culture by simply showcase their masterpiece here.

The Australian also did well by incorporating the Tasmanian Devil, Koala bear, kangaroo and crocodile in the garden.

Designer from The Netherlands

Designer from Japan

For the outdoor garden, the best designs are the one from the universities and the government agencies.

The outdoor gardens provide an ideal place to unwind especially with friends and family at night.