Monday, September 1, 2008

Orange Smoke Signal

Orange smoke signal is a marine distress equipment. It is designed to float on the water while emitting a dense of cloud of orange coloured smoke up to 3-4 minutes. The signal is safe to use on oil covered waters and is employed to attract the attention of passing ships or aircraft during daylight hours. The signal should be thrown overboard to leeward after activation. It should never be operated within the confines of the survival craft.

Orange smoke signal usually have a lifespan of 3 years and should be replaced after its expiry date. However, most of the signal will still work if activated even after it has expired.

Remove the cap at the top of the can. Pull out the ignition ring to ignite the signal. It is quite simple to activate it.

I used it at the stroke of midnight during Chinese New Year celebration at my backyard and this was the result. the orange smoke was really dense. The can will be very hot after ignition and one should not hold it by hand or keep it in the survival craft after activation.


Daryl Teo said...

Wow cool stuff dude! have a restful holiday.

cc said...

Wow, very cool!