Tuesday, July 5, 2022

FlySaeta FS-20

I was introduced to this shuttlecock by a friend a few months ago. As the price of shuttlecock is on the increasing trend, it is essential to find a shuttlecock that can go the extra mile. A tube of this cost RM 73 when it was first introduced to me somewhere in April. The current price should easily more than RM 73.

This is a goose feather shuttlecock to give it extra durability. From the packaging, it is not BWF approved shuttlecock.

The shuttlecock was put to the test. It could easily lasted more than 1 match and at one session, it stretched to 3 matches.

Initially, the shuttlecock easily went out at the baseline without hitting it too hard. The shuttlecock eventually have a normal flight after hitting it halfway through the first match.

Overall, it is still not a satisfying shuttlecock as it is hard to control it during the early play and took some time before it reached normal flight. However, its durability is great and can stretch our money with longer play.