Sunday, August 3, 2008

Victor Gold Shuttlecock Review

Victor might not be a popular brand in badminton but they still produce some decent equipment. This time I will review one of Victor's shuttlecock, Victor Gold. Victor Gold is not their premium product, as far as shuttlecock is concerned.

Victor Gold is sold pretty cheap here. One can get 3 tubes for RM100 (That is 36 shuttlecocks, a dozen shuttlecocks in a tube). That is really cheap indeed.

As usual, the shuttlecock comes with its brand and model sticker behind the shuttlecock.

We are not impressed with this Victor Gold. It has poor endurance and won't even last a match in our 15 points system. Usually need to change a fresh shuttlecock in the middle of the match. Not sure you can see this clearly but after half match, the shuttlecock unable to maintain its round feather arrangement and deformed slightly, resulting in "spinning" when playing with it.

Pros: Cheap
Cons: Poor endurance

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shawnn loo said...

Oh... seem like it is not very good enough for a hard game....

tq for ur review...