Saturday, August 27, 2022

Castle Townstay, Kapit

Castle Townstay is another accommodation I tried in my last experience in Kapit. As the inn I intended to stay had fully booked, I had no choice but to try other accommodation that was available. My first impression of the hotel is like any other shop houses accommodation in Kapit.

This place do not have any check in counter or anyone manning the accommodation. One will have to walk to Andy Emporium Company (beside Famous Bakery) to pay for the room and get the keys. One benefit of staying at this place is that they do not collect any deposit beforehand.

The labelling of the rooms here are one of its kind. Instead of each room given a number, it is given alphabet and each room is given a name of a person.

Depending on the room, the rate ranges from RM 50-120. I opted for Room B which comes with a rate of RM 75 per day. The room is small but should not be an issue if staying alone. The room and bathroom is reasonable clean. It isn't noisy outside after late evening and at night.

Water dispenser machine is readily available at the pantry at the common area. This is something I didn't expect from such accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation in Kapit, one should not have high expectation of the options which are available here. Castle Townstay still able to offer a decent place to bunk in and I have no problem coming back here again in the future.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Kampua Kiat Cafe, Kapit

Kapit town is bustling with life as early as 6.30am and most of the coffee shops here are already operating and filled up. Walking around the town looking for breakfast, I came upon Kampua Kiat Cafe which is opposite the CCK Fresh mart. As the name of shop implied, kampua is served here

The interior of the shop is quite old school and run by a fun family. There are other 2 stalls operating within here which sell other dishes.

The kampua here cost RM4.50 and a cup of coffee for RM2. It is a decent kampua but unable to rival those from Sibu. Still, I find this a good place to have a meal and watch the family members here engaging each others.