Sunday, May 12, 2024

3 Flavours Kolo Mee @ Teck Teck Cafe

It is quite uncommon to find all 3 types of flavour kolo mee in a single plate. I was introduced to a hidden gem; Teck Teck Cafe at 7th Mile, Kota Sentosa which has something unique to offer. 

On a single plate, there are original, chili and soya sauce flavoured kolo mee. It costs RM 6.50, a bit pricey for a bowl of kolo mee here but one will get to taste all the type of flavours they got to offer. It tastes great and an ideal breakfast to start the day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

Dango had came out with some bold design metal wallets and I owned at least 3 types of them (A10 Adapt Wallet & MC 01 Titanium Money Clip) . Each of those wallets had their unique features and I find the M1 Rail able to find the right balance in term of card and cash holding capacity.

Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is an all metal wallet with the exception of a silicone band. It is made of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum. The wallet is CNC machined to perfection in USA and cost RM 549.

Straight out of its packaging is the wallet itself, instruction and paracord. The wallet looks tactical and one of the eye catching metal wallet I come across by far.

The M1 Rail Wallet weighted at exactly 90g which make it the heaviest metal wallet I owned so far.

The wallet has 2 sides to it, with one side exposed and another side protected by a back plate for RFID protection. This wallet can take a lot of abuse based on its robust construction.

The exposed part is best to display ID card or quick scanning card without having to take it out. The cards on this side are secured by Dango's quick release rail mechanism.

The wallet has 4 attachment points which can be attached to neck lanyard and ideal to display company ID or access card.

The M1 Rail wallet can holds a maximum of 9 cards, 4 at the exposed part (front) and 5 at the back. The cards stored at the back side are RFID protected by the back plate and are kept in place due to the tension of the silicone band. 

The wallet on its own also has some cash holding features. The cash can be kept in way of the silicone band. However, there isn't much space to keep a lot of cash here. Ideally it can hold up to 3 bills.

To add more functionality to the M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is the optional accessory, M1 chassis clip (RM 159). The chassis clip which is made of stainless steel add more cash carrying capacity for the M1 wallet as well as a bottle opener incorporated into it.

The M1 chassis clip weighted 20g and add the overall weight of the wallet to 110g

The M1 chassis clip is one of the best money clip for metal wallet I had ever come across. It can holds up to 10 bills and the bills can be inserted into it smoothly.

The M1 Rail Wallet with chassis clip is capable to carry more cards than the A10 Adapt Wallet and the MC01 Titanium Money Clip and a decent 10 bills which is less than MC01. With the right balance and functionality, this is easily my every day carry wallet.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Terminal Bus Pujut

The last time I travelled by bus to Miri in some 20 years ago and recently I made another trip to Miri by bus there from Sibu. The bus departed at 1.30pm from Sibu and arrived at Miri at 9pm with stops at Selangau, Bintulu and Niah.

Pujut Bus Terminal has served as the long distance bus terminal for Miri as long as I remember. Nothing has changed much here since the last time I was here. The bus terminal was pitch-dark when I arrived here at 9pm with all the sales counters closed.

I been told by the locals here that this bus terminal will be closed down soon and relocated to a site near Miri Hospital.

This post pay homage to this bus terminal which will probably wind down by this month. May the new bus terminal serve Miri better.