Sunday, November 28, 2021

Pullman Miri Waterfront

Pullman Miri Waterfront is probably the most luxurious hotel to stay in the vicinity of Miri City currently. It is located near to the Miri Waterfront Esplanade where another sea horse statue is located.

The lobby is spacious, comfortable and well decorated. Not many hotels in Miri which offer such a generous amount of space.

The room here really blew me away. The room layout reminds me of the room I stayed in Lexis Hibiscus. The bed and pillows are comfortable to sleep on. The air conditioner here is very cold, even with venting mode.

The bathroom is equally stunning. There is a bath tub which hardly come by in newer hotels nowadays. There is also a window with shutter beside the bath tub.

My room is overlooking Baong River and golf course. I really have an enjoyable stay here and I hope to come back here again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Wisma Pelita Tunku

Wisma Pelita Tunku is the oldest air conditioned shopping complex in Miri. The building is easily recognized and located next to the city bus station.

The shopping complex had seen better days. Many shops remained shuttered and close permanently during my last visit here recently.

However, there are still some surviving businesses such as Sugarbun, insurance agent and travel agent.

With more newer and modern shopping malls around Miri, it will be a challenge for the older shopping complex like Wisma Pelita Tunku to remain relevant 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Mega Hotel Miri

Mega Hotel is probably one of the most recognizable hotel in Miri. The blue and white facade is hard to miss as it is strategically located at the central of the city.

I had stayed in this hotel a few tomes in the past and my stay has been rather comfortable. The deluxe room (RM 188) is very spacious. Room wifi is reasonably fast.

This is an ageing hotel which is due for upgrading and refurbishment. My room has some sort of stain on it which is quite disgusting.

Due to Covid, the hotel is still not yet ready for buffet breakfast. I opted for western breakfast and the food is rather tasteless. I would recommend one to venture out to look for a better breakfast.

Everything is within easy reach from the hotel; eating places, malls, pubs, banks and etc. Although there are better hotel choices around, I always come back to this hotel due to its location.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Old Man Street, Miri

I found an interesting street in Miri which pay homage to senior citizen here. Located at Beautiful Jade Center, the big signboard is self explanatory.

I reckon the roof was not originally erected together with the existing shop houses. The Old Man Street is practically at the roofed area.

Between those 2 shophouses are mainly coffee shops with tables and chairs scattered across the space.

As I walked around, I hardly see any younger generation sat down and dine here. Obviously, this is a sanctuary for the senior citizen to spend their time and mingled with their friends.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Rojak @ Stall No. 9, Miri

While exploring Miri on foot, I notice there are quite a number of joints selling rojak at Jalan Duranta and Jalan Triangle. Best way to find them is to locate Sin Liang Supermarket and explore the small lane beside it and beyond.

As I am spoilt of choices, I just settled for the stall No. 9. From the price board, it is obvious the food and refreshment prices had been revised a few times over the years.

The cendol kacang (RM 4) comes in finely shaved ice which made it more pleasant to eat.

The rojak (RM 6) makes up of cucumber, pineapple, squid, jicama and tauhu in black rojak sauce and peanuts. Something new for me is the chili sauce at the side for those who wish to add more spice to the dish. The RM 6 portion is just right for 1 person and one may order a bigger portion according to the price which was displayed at the front of the stall.

Both are decent although not the best. I shall be here again exploring the other stalls in my next visit to Miri.