Saturday, February 25, 2023

Loft Pals Urbanstay Lodge

There are many budget hotels sprawling around Kapit town and one will have a hard time guessing how those hotel rooms fare unless one stay in it. One of budget hotels here is Loft Pals Urbanstay Lodge where one need to check in and get the room key from its office just opposite the Petronas station.

After checked in, one will have to walk a few meters away from the check in office to where the rooms are located. The rooms are located next to PMG clinic/self service laundry. There are 2 access, back and front of the building. Just look at the room number to determine which access door to use.

The stairways to the rooms is surprisingly well decorated. There is even an ironing board here.

The room is not spacious but its amenities and furniture are quite new. Nevertheless, the room is clean.

Most of the rules and regulations are posted on the wall of the room. The room is alright for Kapit standard. However, it is quite cumbersome to check in/out at their office and walk to another building block to reach the room.