Sunday, May 30, 2010

Charm Cheerleading Championships 2010

I was walking around 1 Utama when I came across an interesting event which was ongoing there, the Charm Cheerleading Championships.

I got to admit this is my first time seeing so many young and energetic cheerleaders around. In fact, I enjoy looking at their preparation before the real event.

Most of the teams were locals but a few teams from South East Asia took part in the championships.

My heart probably lose a beat when the teams performed some dangerous routine such as tossing a members high up into the air. There were a few near misses but at the end of the day, there was no serious incident or injury.

I notice most of the teams performed their routines in an orderly fashion although some fumbles at some more difficult routines.

The judges probably had the most hard time giving marks to each team and at the same time maintaining their concentration as the event went on from 10am-7pm.

This is the team which I predict to win this championships. I watched their routine. Not only it was entertaining but some of their moves were difficult to achieve.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Department's Examination

This week has been a hectic week for me as I have to co-ordinate the guidance course and the Department's course for my officers.

The guidance course was held for 2 days to give some direction to the officers as well as examination tips for the candidates.

By the way, we were well fed during the whole duration with 5-6 courses of meal in one day.

After the course, comes the most stressful moment for the candidates; examination time.

Examination briefing by a senior officer to the candidates

All the examination question papers were sealed. I was part of the team that prepare these questions and I basically knew what will be asked and the answers as well.

The examination was quite a stressful time for my part too as my team need to supervise 250++ of my officers with some of them lack of discipline and did not adhere to the standard examination procedures.

I was a bit disappointed as a higher ranking officer where I consider ourselves as an elite force but most of them do not act like one.

During my time here, I observe our female officers are more serious and well prepared for the examination compare to our male officers. The female tend to be more attentive during the guidance course and make full use of the allocated time in the exam.

One of our officer was warded due to dengue fever on the second day of the examination but he was determine to take the exam. Hence, we need to send an officer to supervise his examination from the hospital.

After they complete their paper, the answer will be collected, packed, sealed and secured in our head office.

This has been quite an experience for me as my section has to plan, budget, arrange and co-ordinate this major project for the past 4 months ago. I just hope our hard effort will not go down to the drain and the officers passed their papers as I will be damned if they don't

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IOI Mall

It has been a while since I been to IOI Mall. I remember the very last time I stepped my foot here was way back in 1998.

I notice a distinct change in the appearance of the mall this time around. The building been given a fresh coat of paint and it apparently look bigger than the last time I saw it.

The mall is located beside the LDP highway and I was surprised to see the rapid development around this area.

I notice the mall has been expanded and new wing had been added. The new wing has a more sleek appearance and modern shopping experience.

The old wing is still the same as it was.

The most prominent area here is probably the carousel concourse. In fact, I don't see a lot of carousel in most of the malls in Malaysia.

This mall is usually packed during the weekend from those who live in the Puchong area

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pork Noodle @ Pomander Restaurant

There is one pork noodle stall in Subang Jaya which is so delicious that many people throng this place for lunch especially during the weekends. It's so good that most people don't mind waiting for 1 hour for the dish to be served.

The noodle stall is located within Pomander Restaurant at SS15/4B Road in Subang Jaya

Lemon and sour plum drink (RM2.20). Simply refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Finally after a long wait, the main dish arrived. A big bowl cost RM5.70 and for those who opt to add egg to it, a bowl will cost RM6.50. When ordering, the owner will ask whether you want it to go with the choices of noodle, rice vermicelli or "mouse" flour. I strongly recommend the "mouse" flour.

The broth of this dish is simply rich and out of this world. I have no idea how the owner manage to come out with such a delicious dish. It comes with pork liver, intestine, meat ball and fat which is fried to perfection.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat All You Can Durian @ SS2

It's almost durian season again and my friend took me to a place at SS2 to feast in durians where we can eat all we can.

The stall is located at the road side and there is even a website for it. Its website is not very comprehensive but shows clearly the location of the stall.

This is how the durian stall looks like. The place is usually packed by late evening.

For RM15 per person, it is a real bargain and one can eat as many as you want. However, this package does not apply for a better grade durian where it is sold separately.

It's a shame our durians don't taste that good. Most of the durians here are said to be from the state of Pahang. It might be wise to venture to another nearby stall where I believe the durians there might be better than this one.

Free flow of plain water is also available here to cool down the body as the fruit will cause our body to overheat.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late Night in Office

Yesterday I had to stay back with my colleagues at the office to get our work done (It's Friday evening). Our section was tasked to get the Department's exam paper ready by next week.

I have to admit it was a donkey-work for us but an order is an order. We had to carry out this task outside office hour due to the confidentiality of the document. It would be a disaster if the questions leaked out to the candidates.

We had some light moments in between to ease ourselves from the tension. We don't even have the opportunity to have our dinner.

We got our job done by 9pm and the teamwork between my colleagues are just wonderful. I hope we will manage to get through more challenges which lie ahead of us