Monday, August 31, 2009

Sibu SRB Methodist Primary School

SRB Methodist which is located behind the massive Hoover Mission House is where I attended my primary education from 1986-1991. However, an old block which I spent my 5 years (I studied a total of 6 years here but 5 years on the old block alone) were demolished few years ago to give way to the recently opened Hoover Mission House. I wonder why there was no protest on the demolition of the old block as it had some sentimental values for me.

Somehow the school area just feel smaller now after giving up much of its spaces to the Hoover Project. There aren't much open space now compare to those days.

This is a new block called Block F. The site of this building used to be a music room and the canteen. We used to play games (like "Ah Seng") on an open area just next to this building.

Block E as it used to be during my time here. I spent 1 year on this block (primary 2 if not mistaken)

A beautiful mini garden between Block E and F

This is perhaps the only open area available at the school compound now. Quite a number of stanchions and support been erected here to create a shed for this area. This looks like the venue for the assembly and basketball court. Back in my time, we had the privilege of holding the assembly at the nearby Masland Methodist Church.

Methodist Chinese Kindergarten is located just next to the open space area of the primary school. This is also my kindergarten.

Block B still stands elegantly. Unfortunately, the main entrance to the school was locked and I am unable to enter to explore the school. I wonder why all the schools now are always lock after school hour.

Methodist Primary School will always have a special place in my heart as this is the place where I'm partly been mould to what I'm today.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sibu Methodist Chinese Kindergarten

Methodist Chinese Kindergarten, which is hidden just behind the Masland Methodist Church is the kindergarten I attended when my family moved to Sibu in 1985

The kindergarten is also known as Mary Hoover Memorial Kindergarten as a homage to the wife of the famous Rev. James Hoover. From the engraving on the wall, it was is established in 1968.

I have not visited this place since 1991 when I left the primary school, which is located next to this kindergarten. This is the main entrance to the kindergarten where this is also the venue to take class photo back then.

I have a vague memory of my time here but the classrooms here definitely had been upgraded. Somehow they are more colourful and comfortable compare to my time here.

One of the corridor in the kindergarten. I have no idea how many classrooms they have here but this is not a big kindergarten.

A work of art from a student here

There is an indoor playground within the kindergarten area. I don't recall there was such playground back in my time. The kids here will definitely enjoy themselves studying here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Meeting Room @ Hoover Mission House

The Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Hoover Mission House is probably the main highlight of the whole building.

The meeting room is pretty huge and comfortable. I will definitely would like to have a meeting here. Shoes have to come off when entering this room.

It is like a mini museum here. There are quite a display surrounding the meeting table.

Some of the history and contribution of Rev. James Hoover are highlighted here. I think the hat shown here used to be worn by the Reverend.

Some old books which probably highlight the journal and contribution of Wong Nai Siong. There are quite a number of freshly baked kompia (bagel) scattered around this area probably to promote the Foochow delicacy.

This is the first cross for the Masland Methodist Church.

Old instrument to process the rubber sheet

This is the model of the Hoover Project which consist of Masland Methodist Church, Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. The whole project is reported to cost around RM 20 million. I have no idea where they got the money from but I reckon the money is better spent to help those in need rather than building this mega project.

Various cross design which were collected from the mission trip

Sculptures of the last supper.

An interesting chronicle chart

Ancient home utensils and musical instrument.

An old pressure cooker. The operating instruction was engraved on it

Some of the handicrafts from Sarawak which were acquired during the mission trips

Souvenir from West Kalimantan

Clothes collected from the mission trips from China, Africa and etc.

Souvenirs from China, North Africa, Algeria and etc.

An old black disc player and TV set. I remember this TV model in one of my grandmother's house many year ago.

Beautifully painted ostrich egg shells

Old bibles on display here

Candle holder

I'm quite impressed with the collection and display here. However, I'm annoyed as most of the description and labels for the display here are in Chinese characters rather than in English