Sunday, February 23, 2014

Steam N Grill Burger

When it comes to burger, it is consider unhealthy food but Steam N Grill Burger had a vision to change that perception and create a healthy burger.

Steam N Grill Burger is relatively new outlet and they serve halal food here.

All the bun is freshly baked and comes with the choice of charcoal, wholemeal, original and spinach.

They have a decent choices of burger here; beef, chicken, fish, vegan, otak-otak and satay. They had also added spaghetti into their latest menu.

I decided to go with the classic beef burger set menu with the choice of charcoal bun. This set menu cost RM17.05 nett, slightly more expensive than most of the fast food burger outlets. It comes with fries and soft drink. I would think it will be better if the customer been giving a choice of fries or salad as the outlet is trying to promote healthy food.

The burger consists of beef patty, slice of cheddar cheese with lettuce. The bun is soft and fresh. Beef patty is juicy and really taste much better than the commercial burgers in the market. I definitely taste the difference here.

Steam N Grill Burger,
J03A-1, Block J,
Setia Walk,
(above Affin Bank)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park @ Setia Walk Mall

There is not much going on inside the Setia Walk Mall but there is a hidden gem on the 4th floor which really took me by surprise.

The entire 4th floor is a food park named "Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park" and it definitely bring visitors back to the yesteryear of Shanghai.

The backdrop, lights, signboard, antic cars and road signs did the tricks in bringing visitors back to the busy and narrow streets of the old Shanghai.

Choice of food is aplenty here and I can't wait to explore the food here during my free time sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 CNY Decoration @ Sunway Pyramid

As we enter the year of the horse, this animal can be seen almost everywhere as part of the decoration to usher the new year. Sunway Pyramid takes visitor to experience cultures that revolves around this noble animal.

Themed around Central Asia, the main attraction is the traditional yurt which is a circular shaped portable tent used as a home for nomads.

The furniture inside the yurt is light weight and made of wood. They are carved and painted on the outer front surface.

The nomads appreciate horses, as not only they symbolize agility, determination and strength, they can also survive intense travel period and perform heavy chores. Horses are often portrayed  in the art and paintings on the rugs,  furniture and clothes.

Visitor can also try their archery skill here like how the nomads hunt for their food.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Setia Walk

There is nothing much interesting to talk about when in comes to Puchong but with the opening of Setia Walk in 2012, life starts to get a little bit interesting. Located along the LDP, opposite the Tesco Puchong, it is a mixed development of consisting of retail blocks, offices, an entertainment complex and serviced apartments.

This red sculpture is a representation of how Puchong has evolved over the years, from a quiet plantation village to thriving commercial area.

The commercial precinct is what gives life to this place currently. With its pedestrian walkways, lush landscape and soothing waterways, these elements make it an ideal place for family outing and dining.

With a number of fine restaurants, boutiques and bars around, it is poised to be one of the best place to unwind during the weekend in Puchong.