Monday, August 11, 2008

RSL Classic Tourney Shuttlecocks Review

Just recently I bought RSL Classic Tourney Shuttlecock. I never try this model before and decided to give it a try after a recommendation from the seller.

The tube is mainly black and green. For this, the seller gives it a nick "RSL Black".

As usual there is always a ad about RSL newest product. The latest is the RSL Millennium 8 Racket series.

At the tube cap, there is this sticker with the number "77". Basically this is the speeds category and for this region here, 77 is the right speed.

Here is how the shuttlecock looks like. Just like any normal shuttlecock. I was indeed surprised to find the sticker is green instead of black. It is made of selected top premium feathers with maximum durability as well as flight with precision speed. Also gives a perfect feel.

This is how the shuttlecock looks like after we played it for 2 matches (15 points system) without even changing a shuttlecock. I am indeed amazed by its durability. All the feathers are not disengaged after all the abuse in 2 matches. Well, this shuttlecock now only fit for warming up purpose.

To give a better comparison, this is how RSL No.1 Tourney Shuttlecock looks like after a match or so. Usually this model hardly make it into 2 matches. Observe how some of the feather had been separated

For a cheaper shuttlecock, it is even worse. The feathers are fully disengaged.

Previously, I mentioned RSL No. 1 Tourney is the best shuttlecock I ever played but RSL Classic Tourney is much better in term of endurance and feel. Priced at RM52 a tube, it also comes with a RSL grip. One might think the price is a bit steep but with the superior durability means less shuttlecock to be changed during matches. Hence the saving in the long run


cc said...

Looking at the shuttlecocks, they bring back floods of memories. :)

Anonymous said...

In SIngapore, a tube of RSL No.1 Tourkey costs $25, approx between RM$ 55-57.