Monday, August 25, 2008

Blood Pressure Gauge

I stumbled upon a portable digital blood pressure gauge, owned by one of my colleague not long ago. Apparently, my colleague suffer high blood pressure and he is monitoring his pressure constantly.

So, I decided to take my own pressure since I can't recall when is the last time I took my blood pressure. I just strap up on the left arm, a bit above the elbow.

Then press the start button and the operation is automatic. The whole process took less than a minute.

Here is my final readings. Initially, I am shocked as I knew the readings were a bit low. I did try a few times and the readings were around those figures. I asked a few doctors and pharmacist and they told me I got nothing to worry about.

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Digital Pressure Indicator said...

Hello friends,

When taking someone's blood pressure you are using this gauge to identify the Korotkoff sounds created by the pumping of blood. Associating these sounds with numbers on the gauge is what gives you a blood pressure reading. Thanks for sharing it......