Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thai Tom Yam Rice Restaurant

Thailand Tom Yam Rice Restaurant is located at Channel Road, just opposite Sibu Central Market (beside SL Ling Pharmacy, a staircase will lead up to this restaurant). From the restaurant banner, they are specialized in Thai and Indonesian food.

The interior of the restaurant gives a coffee shop feeling. It is not air conditioned as I expected.

The wall in one corner of the restaurant is an eye sore and the owner should do something about it. Fresh paint on this section will be a good idea.

Food and drink menu (and each individual price) is display clearly inside and outside the restaurant. Notice the menu is written in Thai as well

We ordered Air Bandung (RM2) and Ice Lemon Tea (Rm1.70). I believe the drinks were overpriced.

All utensils were soaked in boiling/warm water. Closer look at the glass also indicate that this glass might come from Thailand as well.

Mixed Tom Yam soup (small, RM8). Shrimp, squid, chicken and tomato can be found in the soup. Hot and spicy.

Fried fish with vegetables (RM19.90). Taste good. A little bit hot and spicy.

Kangkong (RM5). This is probably the first time I ate this vegetables with pepper on it. Surprisingly, it tastes good.

Kailan and chicken (RM5). Satisfactory. A little bit hot and spicy.

In a nutshell, almost every meal here is cooked in hot and spicy manner. The cook is an Indonesian and been told the dishes had been cooked mildly hot. The cook can made it even hotter if we had requested. The truth is, I was begging for more water after finishing all the dishes.

Overall, the food served here are nice but the ambience of the restaurant is a letdown

Monday, March 30, 2009

Transformers Armada: Cyclonus

Cylonus is another Decepticons member in the Transformers Armada series. He is known as "Sandstorm" in the Japanese series.

Cyclonus box packaging by Takara. This Cyclonus is an homage to the G1 Cyclonus

The package comes with a unit of Cyclonus, Mini-Con called Crumplezone and 2 missiles.

Cyclonus is one handsome assault helicopter in his alternate mode

Cyclonus can hold up to maximum of 6 Mini-Cons at a time in helicopter mode.

Crumplezone transforms to a tank and back

Crumplezone can also transform to a cockpit extension for Cyclonus helicopter for added firepower. Cyclonus alternate mode looks much better this way.

In robot mode, Cyclonus had a built in weapon in way of his arm. In the Armada series (as well as its sequel, Transformers Energon), Cyclonus has a "trigger happy" personality, cackling as he fires his weaponry.

The blade is permanently attached to his back. What a shame, if only the propeller blade can be detached and used as a weapon.

The Mini-Con will flip out extra guns from his knees for more firepower.

In robot mode, Cyclonus can technically hold up to 4 Mini-Cons at a time. The Mini-Con will also release the missile in his arm when inserted to the Mini-Con ports on both of his arm. In the series, the Mini-Con don't really release the missile. It just increase Cyclonus weapon's firepower

However, I go to the extreme and Cyclonus can in fact hold up to 6 Mini-Cons in robot mode. To achieve this, Crumplezone is to be fitted at the cockpit and either Drillbit, Buzzsaw or Dualor (Mini-Cons) attached below the cockpit.

Cyclonus and Crumplezone

The transformation manual for Cyclonus and Crumplezone by Takara

Cyclonus bio data card. Cyclonus probably main strength is his flight capability. He is incompetent but equipped with decent firepower.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kuini Tree Bloom

Been reading a few post about cherry blossom this month in other blogs and I decide to highlight something different.

My Kuini tree also start to blossom this month. When this happened, it only meant the fruit will be available soon.

Having said that, some of the kuini fruits had appear alongside with its bloom.

A closer look at the tree's bloom. It is actually quite beautiful

The flowers will not last long and tend to shed after a few days. What transpires after that is Kuini fruits start to grow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kite Flying at Sibu Town Square

On the 22nd March 2009 (last Sunday), Saberkas Unit Pa' Dris organized a kite flying event at Sibu Town Square Phase 2. The prospect was rather gloomy in the morning and afternoon as it was cloudy and raining. I even remember it was raining at 4.30pm. Lady Luck was smiling that day and the town was blessed with a clear sky just before 5pm

The event supposed to start at 5.30pm but at 5,15pm, most kites were already on the air

The event is also part of their rehearsal to prepare for the unit's 30th anniversary celebration.

Kites of all shapes and colours were seen at the Town Square

Member of public also showed up and fly their kites

This kite is what they called the stunt kite. It has some resemblance of a Stealth fighter. This kite can manoeuvre in any direction and can perform a figure of eight

The highlight should be the train kite. I believe some of these train kites had 200 kites attached in a single string

I heard a kite enthusiat plan to get his name into Malaysian Book of Record by flying the longest train kite, in the region of 300-500 kites

It such a beautiful sight to see so many kites in the air. If I remember correctly, there were at least 3 train kites that evening