Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indiscriminate Parking

I really don't understand why Sibu people like to park their car indiscriminately. I think most of them are just plain lazy to walk to their intended destination from the designated parking spaces.

Here is a view how the Siburian parked their vehicle along Jalan Keranji. I'm sure the yellow line is clearly visible. They parked their car there to enjoy their food at the nearby coffee shop.

Here is another view at Jalan Keranji where the motorist parked their car on the yellow line to go to the nearby Aloha Corner.

This photo was captured at Raminway. This seriously reduce the 3 lanes into 2 lanes or so.

This was at Jalan Morshidi Sidek. The 2 lanes reduced to 1 and a half lane

And this is at Jalan Sanyan. With car parked at both side of the 3 lanes road, this road virtually ended up about 2 lanes road.

There are many more indiscriminate parking at the town especially along the road in front of the town main market. Smooth traffic flow is almost non-exist here due to the attitude of the people here.

When the Sibu people going to be more civilized? Without tough action, this habit will die hard.

I wrote to the council before requesting CCTV to be fitted along these roads and slapped the motorist with summons with the photo evidence from the CCTV. This will reduce the need for police man power to patrol these areas. Unfortunately, the CCTVs were fitted at different location by the council and indiscriminate parking still happened around the town.


ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Waahh... In the US, if you park your car that way, it'll be towed away in a few minutes, and to get your car, you have to go to the company who towed it and pay about $250.00

Very expensive, so might as well park your car right!

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

haha.. i think this not happen in sibu... no choice la.. here standard is low.. people drive whatever they want..

some time.. i did too.. lol

DrEaMgUy78 said...

I think Siburian always park their cars as they like. As long as they can park their cars at their convenience. I wonder this has anything to do with their education or they thought they are big-headed?

Andrew said...

In UK, people also anyhow park their cars. two lane road becomes one lane.