Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toy & Anime Convention

On Monday I had an assignment in Kuching. After finishing the assignment, I went to the Spring to check things out as I haven't been there yet since the opening.

Apparently there is a toy & anime convention still ongoing until our nation's National Day.

I am quite impressed with the scale of the event, probably the largest scale in East Malaysia.

There is a display of vintage toy at a corner near to the Manhattan Fish Market Outlet.

A wide range of Bumblebee from Transformers The Movie.

For those borned in the 1970s and 1980s should know Robocop

As well as Aliens figures

A wide array of toys from Transformers Animated series, Transformers Universe and Transformers The Movie. Note there is also Takara MA-21, Battle Mode Optimus Prime. This is quite rare and impressive figure and I hardly believe my eyes I can saw it here. Sold at RM299.

There is also Star Wars vehicles and figure. The gigantic Millenium Falcon sold at RM400++

The best seller as I been told is this SDL Dart Tag. For the combo package, which include 2 of this blaster cost RM100++

I also had the chance to experience the fun with the blaster (and it is free). Feeling like playing counter strike.

Well, the kids were having fun. As a safety precaution for the kids, googles were put on. The vest is for the blaster's bullet to stick on it, an indication one had been hit. The playground for this game is located in front of the Bonia store.

Next to the playground is this race track for the remote control car.

At the centre court, a wide array of toys are sold at a reasonable prize (as I am a toy collector as well, I am well aware of the pricing). There are Gundam, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Batman and many more.

I saw the ZGMF-X09A Justice on display at the centre court

At another section are for kids to try and took part in competition such as Jenga, Hot Wheels and Mega Block.

This events are organized by Wonder Toys, where the store can be located on the 1st floor at the Spring

I also been told this is the first event and they plan to held it at an annual basis.


pusangkalye said...

you got a lot of toys here. I feel like a child again.kkkdwpur

Johnny Ong said...

counter strike, hahaha and those kids were the terrorists???

confessions of a medical student said...

dropped by and did your poll too ^^
u should get a shoutbox :)
SDL Dart Tag looked like fun..
i missed the childhood days...

RiP666 said...

wow...i wish i can come too...
too much great toys there...
gundam too T-T