Friday, May 19, 2023

The Stay, Kapit

On 15th May 2023, a new accommodation has opened up in Kapit. It is situated at a new commercial area, just a stone throw away from the old town.

It is located at Jalan Selirik and directly opposite the Kapit police station. Parking spaces are plenty and will not an issue as compare to the old Kapit town.

The entrance door to this 22 rooms accommodation at the shop houses is kind of small to be noticed and is located beside the My Spec shop. I happened to be one of the earliest guest here on its soft opening day.

The room rate here is reasonable, ranging from RM100-140 depending the numbers of bed in a room. A single queen sized bed is as basic as it gets with room rate starting at RM100. The room is clean and furnished with new furniture.  The room is quite small and fitted with an oversized air conditioner unit. It is not too noisy as compare to staying at the old town as the surrounding shops here don't open as early as 5.30am

The toilet is even more compact without much clearance between the toilet bowl and the shower space.

Water dispensers are readily available at all corners of this place. Supermarket and coffee shops are all within walking distance which made this place an ideal place to stay.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

New Rejang Inn

From words of mouth, New Rejang Inn is one of the best place to stay while in Kapit. Located opposite Public bank and a stone throw away from the Kapit River Express Wharf, the hotel location is quite ideal.

The hotel lobby is one of the biggest I came across thus far in Kapit. It is well decorated with traditional craft as well as some old photos hanging on the wall.

The hotel room (RM 108) is quite spacious, only second to Greenland Inn. The room is generally clean and quite comfortable. My only complain is the air cond placement which is directly opposite the bed.

The room is also equipped with a mini refrigerator and a mini flat TV. The TV antenna is fitted weirdly on the refrigerator.

Room view with a glimpse of the Rejang River. As most business premises here open early in the morning, one can expect to hear noise from the outside as early as 5am.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tanjung Kembang Beach

Tanjung Kembang Beach in Kabong is another beach within the 100km radius from Sibu beside the one in Belawai. The journey here will passed through the newly constructed Pan Borneo Highway. At the time of writing, the road sign showing the direction of Roban and Kabong is yet to be in place.

Tanjung Kembang Beach is of longer stretch compare to that in Belawai. Due to its size, i find it less crowded. It has the basic amenities such as toilets, restaurant and recreation areas. I reckon this would be a better beach option for the people of Sibu within a 2 hours drive from the town.

There are a few chalets here and they look quite new and well maintained. I reckon the chalets here are not equipped with air conditioner as i did not spot the compressor unit outside the accommodation.

Probably one of the main attraction here for the children is a water park which cost RM5 for 2 hours. The opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the park.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Merchant Hotel Kuching

Merchant Hotel (formely known as Kemena View Hotel) is located strategically at Jalan Song Thian Cheok. The hotel looks modern and new from its facade.

The hotel basically located at the city centre with the Song Kheng Hai Recreation Ground at the door step of the hotel.

The lobby is kind of narrow with some seating arrangements at the entrance door. Check in was without issue as I made my booking earlier.

The Deluxe Room (RM 143) is quite spacious with its laminating floor.  The room used to have a centralized air conditioner but now the room is now cooled with a split unit type air conditioner. Due to its location, it is relatively quiet there to have a good night rest.

However, the room could use a bit of maintenance based on the painting and the scales built up at the bathroom. I hope they do something about it if they expect me to return back to stay here again.

Food and drinks are easy to come by as Ezlive Cafe is open late at night and serve 1602 beer with Woon Lam Cafe opened early in the morning for a quick breakfast.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Akar Dining

Fine dining is a restaurant dining experience which is unique, sophisticated and pricey than an average restaurant.

Last month, I visited a truly local fine dining restaurant, Akar Dining which sourced all the raw ingredients locally and turn it into unique dishes.

The restaurant is located at 109, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL. The restaurant itself is not that large. Prior reservation is recommended. The restaurant has a dress code; smart casual with no slippers and shorts. Children are also not allowed to dine here. 

As most of the dishes are made out of sea food, I opted for Sauvignon Blanc which is an elegant wine with hints of white flowers, white fruits with long mineral finish.

The restaurant adopts open kitchen and diners can see how the young chefs work in unison to produce their masterpiece. 

For opening dishes, Saba Perkasam; spring onion soubise, khao jam rice, Sweet Potato; sweet potato sardine filling, tomato chutney and Cassava Bread; budu butter, duck serunding

Sea Wave; broccoli coulis, scallop mousse, seafood umai

Terroir; the Malaysian harvest, tempoyak

Fish; daun sup, purslane

Crustacean; passion fruit kulim hollandaise, jicama slaw

Duck, fermented cassava puree, coconut sothi, mulberry

Spice Duck Broth; sawtooth coriander

Flower Garden; cocnut mousse, flower cordial

Bagan Datok Chocolate; banana & garum, smoked vanilla, ganache

Liberica Bonbon; Jackfruit

When each dish was served, it was meticulously explained by the chefs. Almost everything been served is edible, including the decorative flowers.

At the end of the dining experience, diners will be presented with a momento which have details of the dishes served on the day. The dishes will changed every 3 months and the present one will be available until June 2023.

I really enjoy my dining experience here as it really feel local here. The bill worked out to be RM 550 (with 2 glasses of wine and sparkling natural mineral water) per person