Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ah Hui Chicken Rice

There are quite a number of chicken rice stalls in Kuching. I was introduced to Ah Hui Chicken Rice a while ago and it was sold out by the time we arrive at 1220. Some regard this place as one of the best chicken rice in Kuching.

Ah Hui Chicken Rice is situated at Seafood Pandungan Bay Seafood (off Jalan Rumbia/Jalan Petanak). Basically, it is just beside the Petanak Central Market. 

During daytime the restaurant is basically a chicken rice shop and a seafood restaurant at night. It should be interesting to try its menu at night.

On my second attempt, I made it here as early as 1045, just right after they open for business. There was quite a crowd already by the time I arrive with some dine in and take away.

The chicken rice arrived pretty fast after the order was made. Only steamed chickens are available and no roast chicken option. The chicken is juicy and tender with hint of sesame oil. The chicken is topped with some pickled cucumber. The rice is also no ordinary rice as it is robust and rich in taste. Generous amount of chili sauce was served along with the dish.

I ordered a coconut to go along with the meal and the total cost worked up to RM 13. A plate of chicken rice here cost RM 7 according to the price list displayed on the stall. What set it apart from other shop is probably its rice and the pickled cucumber.