Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Safety Equipment at Work

My working environment can be a dangerous place, be it onboard ship, shipyard or port area.

Probably the most basic safety equipment is the safety helmet (a.k.a hard hat). It protects from falling objects, swinging blocks and lines, hair entanglement, minor knock, chemical, paint and hot water drop. For my helmet, I include reflective tapes to ensure better visibility in dark areas especially in ballast tank.

Always get a good quality helmet. Make sure it is certified by the national or international bodies (SIRIM for Malaysia and CE for European zone). It do make difference in term of comfort, durability and protection compare to those unapproved helmet.

Next is the overall (a.k.a boiler suit). It protects from general dirt and grime and entrapment in moving machinery. It also able to withstand minor scratch form shart object. Short sleeve should be avoided although it is cooler to wear one. Overall should be washed regularly to avoid possibility of dermatitis.

Safety shoes is a heavy duty shoes that offer protection to the feet. Usually it comes with steel toe caps to protect the front part areas of the feet from light impact from steel structure and etc. It also offer protection from minor sole penetration and electric shock. I usually go for Kings brand safety shoes for the comfort and reasonable price.

Gloves is essential for hand protection. However, I usually used 2 types of gloves. This is what we called the rigger gloves. It protects from soiling and abrasion. It offers reasonable protection to the hand but it also restrict the finger movement as its sole is quite thick and tough.

Another type of gloves are the cotton gloves. It offers protection for minor abrasion and dirt. This gloves however make it easier for the fingers to move around and suitable when working in the machinery area such as overhaul and etc.

For eye protection, safety goggles/glasses is required. It protects the eyes from low energy projectiles and dust. By the way, one can look pretty cool by wearing the right goggles. I seldom wear the goggles as it make my eyes suffocate after a while.

This is how I look like after having all the safety equipment on. By the way, I mostly use helmet, boiler suit and safety shoes. Depending on the task at hand, goggle and hand gloves will be used.


Nanaybelen said...

those should be put on for safety

Johnny Ong said...

i hav the helmet and safety boots over here in sudan too, seldom use as i rarely (indeed very rare) that i need to go to site