Sunday, March 19, 2023

MRT Putrajaya Line

Accessibility from Putrajaya to other areas within Klang Valley is now more easier with the opening of the much awaited MRT Putrajaya Line.

As the name implied, the MRT line starts from Putrajaya Sentral. This station also houses KLIA Transit and the bus station.

The waiting area here is spacious. Pretty much all the elevated stations along the way share the same design. The elevated stations are not air conditioned.

MRT Putrajaya Line starts from Putrajaya and end in Kwasa Damansara. It will passed through Cyberjaya, Taman Equine, Serdang, Sungai Besi, KL, Kepong and Sri Damansara. With this, Putrajaya is pretty much well connected to other areas as there are LRT Sri Petaling Line, MRT Kajang Line, LRT Ampang Line and KL Monorail interchange stations along the line.

The trains here have a distinctive design with its duck look on its front and hence the nickname "Ducky".

I am fortunate to able to try the train on its first day of operation on 16th March 2023 where it offers free ride until 31st March 2023. It took about 40 minutes from Putrajaya Sentral to Tun Razak Exchange.

The full line spans 57.7km with total travelling time of 86 minutes from one end to another (36 stations).

For those familiar with MRT Kajang line, the internal of the MRT Putrajaya line is very much similar. With this line completed, user will have a cheaper alternative to KL from Putrajaya besides the more costlier KLIA transit.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Dango Capsule Slide

Dango Capsule Slide is an accessory for the Dango A10 Adapt Wallet to increase its functionality and capacity. It is priced at RM 249 and delivered in a plastic packaging.

For dimension, it measured at 64mm x 109mm x 15mm and weighted about 113.7g. It is made in the USA out of CNC machined 6061 aluminium.

I find the capsule way too heavier to my liking. The Capsule itself is almost twice the weight of the A10 Adapt wallet. Combining both would mean the overall weight to be 177.5g.

Using the Capsule is rather straight forward with a push of the thumb to slide the lid up to open. The inner dimension is measured to be 93mm tall, 56mm wide and 6mm deep. It can accommodate 5-6 cards or 15 business cards. It can also holds cash, keys, coins, SD cards and etc.

It can be slide together with the A10 Adapt wallet but the combination would be a bit bulky with the thickness around 25.43mm. The Capsule Slide is pretty secured in this configuration and won't slide out accidentally.

The Capsule Slide can also be used independently as a wallet. The A10 chassis clip (sold separately) is compatible to the Capsule and add to the overall functionality of it.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Dango EDC Tray

Dango EDC tray is perfect to organize the most prized everyday carry items in one convenient space. Machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminium in USA, it weighted at 1.4kg. Priced at RM 749, the seller had also included the DTEX pads.

It consists of 4 different sizes of cavities to store items such as mobile phones, wallet, watch, keys, coins and etc. Its dimension is 8.5" x 11" x 0.75". The DTEX pads which is optional is highly recommended to provide a better storage experience on the tray.

The tray is equipped with rubber footing on all 4 corners on the underside to protect surfaces and keep it safely in place without any concern of it sliding around.

Underneath the tray is an under cavity for wire management for phone charger. There is also a hole at the top right corner which function as a pen holder.

This is one of the many ways to store the everyday carry items on the tray. Apparently, the tray is designed to hold most of the minimalist design wallets in the compartments. A traditional bifold wallet is just a bit too wide for the cavities.

Another extra feature of the tray is the tray also functions as mobile device & tablet stand. There are 3 stands to place the device for different configurations which suit the user.