Friday, August 22, 2008

Nando's Review

We spotted Nando's in the Free Trade Zone Johor Bahru and it was time for dinner. So, we went there as it has been 7 months since I last went to Nando's. By the way, this franchise outlet is not available at our town.

The latest menu is the royal espedata. As I always like to try something new, I immediately placed an order for it. My flavour of choice is hot peri peri. For each main dishes one ordered, the staff will ask what flavour would you like it to be marinated to the dishes. For those who don't like hot and spicy food can opt for lemon and herb. Otherwise, one can pick mild peri-peri, hot peri peri and extra hot peri peri

Inside Nando's menu also contains some interesting facts. I just realize that chilli is the No.1 source of vitamin C.

Nando's is in fact famous for its 4 peri peri sauces. There are tomato sauce, Garlic peri-peri, Extra Hot peri-peri & Hot peri-peri. Each of this sauce can be purchased at RM9.50 from the restaurant.

Even the restaurant decoration highlight on flavour that comes with their chicken dishes. By the way, all the chicken dishes are flame grilled, hence a more healtier choice, as claimed.

For starter, we ordered mushroom soup (RM3.50). It tastes really good. I recommend pepper to be added to enhance the flavor.

My wife ordered 1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes. Her pick were Fresco salad and chips. (RM7.25 promotion price as I ordered Royal Espetada). She wanted her chicken to be mild peri peri. My wife also ordered Ice lemon tea (bottomless) at RM6.30

Finally, my meal, the Royal Espedata (RM29.95) had arrived. The chicken and grilled vegetables were suspended above the rice plate. I roughly measure the height of the cradle and it is about 50cm from the bottom to the peak. It reminded me I had about the similar meal before in a restaurant in Austria (Innsbruck, if not mistaken).

Let's have a look at the suspended part. It consisted of 4 chunks of A grade chicken meat, flamed grilled with grilled vegetables (green & red pepper) skewered through an iron rod. By the way, I orederd the chicken to be hot peri peri. The iron rod can be detached from the cradle, it is all up to one's preference.

At the bottom, the plate consists of mediterranean rice, wedges and vegetables (cucumber, mushroom and red pepper). I left the iron rod suspended and use the knife and fork to push down the chicken chunk down to the plate to ate them. One can also detached the iron rod and ate the chicken chunks as they like. The Royal Espedata also come with a bottomless coke, meaning the coke is refillable.

I am very satisfy with the foods and service as usual. Royal Espetada is a must try meal and I will like to try it again in the future.


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