Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Travel Gears

Here are some of my travel gears when I go travelling. Some of these gears had been with me for a long time, back when I was still a student.

The most essential gears is the backpack. I bought this Lowe Alpine backpack back in 1998 when I was studying in Bristol to travel around Britain and Europe. This backpack is still solid without any physical damage to it. It is pretty small with 35 litre capacity. Should have opt for a bigger capacity such as 80 litre. But the 35 litre comes with an advantage as it can fit into the airplane luggage cabin without issue.

Another advantage of using backpack compare to trolley luggage is manuevarability when moving around city/town, airport, airplane rush and etc. The downside is after a while, the shoulder might sore if the weight is heavy.

I also bought this Lowe Alpine waist pouch with the backpack back in 1998. I used it mainly when travel in Europe. Useful t keep the passport and valuable items. Hardly use now but mainly used when cycling to keep my valuables.

I will also be using a smaller back pack. This is usually used when exploring places of interest. The small back pack usually will store my drinking water, small umbrella, compass, snacks and some valuables. It is also useful when going shopping as smaller item bought can be store inside it.

I used to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife around when travelling but this is no longer viable as the airport security will confiscate this should one carry this in their hand carry luggage. Bummer!

Not many people will carry a compass but I shall carry a small compass to get my bearing whenever I get lost or leaving a MRT, METRO or Underground Station. With the help of a map, one will able to know where to head to the intended destination.

I usually carry a drinking water in my back pack whenever travelling to keep myself hydrated. The volume depends on the climate. Usually I pack 1 to 1.5 litre for the day.


Unknown said...

nice travel gears.. i always carry a swiss army knife around with me too ;) youre the first person i know who carries a compass around.. i dont even know how to use that :D

Borneo Falcon said...

Compass only be useful if there is a map. I seldom use it but will use it when I lose my bearing in unfamiliar territory.

Andrew said...

Depending on which country you're travelling to, the US and a lot of the countries inside EU also prohibits passengers from carrying liquid items (such as water) onto the aircraft.

elezend said...

I would suggest getting a credit card and a cell phone only if you're not visiting the nature lol