Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Putrajaya Botanical Garden, located at Precinct 1 is designed as an arcadia or a national sanctuary for Malaysian plant taxonomy and act as a centre for education & research. Entrance is free of charge

From the Visitor Centre, a 170m Canopy Bridge spans across a valley planted with samples of rainforest trees such as meranti, kapur and keruing.

The garden is divided into different themes such as Explorer's Trail, Canopy Bridge, Heliconea Trail, Vine Garden, Palm Hill, Sun Garden, African Collection, Bougainvillea tunnel, Fern Garden, Tropical American Collection, Asia Pacific Collection, Hibiscus Walk, Canna Walk and Lakeside.

Explore and discover the beauty of indigenous plants and natural landscapes of the world's major tropical regions. The park features more than 700 species of plants from over 90 countries, ranging from Heliconias, Flame-of the-Forest, Cycads to vines and ferns.

I really love this Bougainvillea tunnel. Kind of remind me of the good old days back to my university year in Bristol.

The garden is really huge and I would really recommend visitors to rent a bicycle which is charged base on hourly use. Although tram is available, it was not operational during my visit.

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is located at the Lakeside. I do fancy dining here one day but I heard the food here is rather average and expensive.

The Lakeside provides a breathtaking view of the Federal Government Administrative Centre. I can sit here all day long just to enjoy this scenery.

The lake is really huge and it is here I understand why the water level of Putrajaya Lake always remain constant.

I reckon visitor will need one full day to fully appreciate the beauty of Putrajaya Botanical Garden. Getting here can be confusing for first timer. Just hop on to any NadiPutra buses (bus no. 100, 101 & 300) heading to Complex A, B, C, D & E from Putrajaya Sentral to reach here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Secret Garden Grill

Secret Garden Grill has been established in Sibu roughly about a year now and finally I manage to dine in it after reading a few reviews.

The interior is really nice. Empty Carlsberg bottles are mainly used as the decoration. Definitely a relaxing place to dine.

This place served mainly Carlsberg draught beer and surprisingly Connors Stout Beer.Unfortunately, they don't have Connors that night and I had to settled with "Cool Man" (RM 5.90), a concoction of soda and peppermint flavour syrup. Definitely not my kind of drink

A hot glass of lemon tea (RM 2.80). This is basically tea from a tea bag.

Grilled chicken salad (RM 11.90) with thousand island sauce. The grilled chicken slice are nicely done and goes well with the lettuce, shredded cabbage and carrot.

Fish and Chips (RM 13.50) is pretty average. This is definitely not their specialty. My wife told me before their beef steak was tough too. I start to have an impression that maybe western meal might not be their strong point.

The burger is probably their specialty and I ordered a Double Cheese Beef burger (RM 16.90). It's really huge and thick. The beef patty is delicious and definitely home made. It's so thick it is almost impossible to hold it in your hand and eat it. Easily the best burger in town.

It's probably only worth ordering their burgers as the other dishes are nowhere impressive.

Secret Garden Grill
No. 50-52, Lorong Langsat 5, Jalan Pedada

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar is probably the best place to stay while in Kangar, Perlis although there is a little distance from the town centre itself.

Nevertheless, the hotel is nestle between a serene surrounding with a small hill behind it which is just perfect for a retreat. The hotel is just opened not long ago and most of the facilities here are still new.

The lobby and reception area is not air conditioned but the temperature is still bearable, probably due to the surrounding lush greenery.

The hotel is also the best place to hold seminar or conference as it has a number of function rooms to cater the needs of its client.

I do not have the privilege to stay here while I was in Kangar but the room is immaculately clean and neat, on par with any 3 star hotel. It is best to avoid to stay here during the school holiday where it will be fully occupied and the room rate will be high.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The annual Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon is back once again from 15-18 March 2012. The sky of Putrajaya is once again dotted by these colourful and unique balloons.

26 ballonists from 12 countries are participating in the 4 day event. Some of these balloons are rather familiar from the 2nd and 3rd edition.

Malaysia also participate in this year even with a local balloonist. The green and yellow balloon is our very own balloon for the 4th edition.

Visitor can still catch a photo in the balloon's basket at the Balloon Discovery Centre for free.

Visitor also has a chance to meet up with the ballonist and ask any questions regarding the balloon.

Watch out as one of the participating balloon might just landed in front of you. It just couldn't get any better than this.

For a small fee of RM 2, visitor also has the chance to experience the interior of the balloon which is cold inflated.

The birthday cake balloon is piloted by Francis Godfrey Prell of the United States.

The kiwi bird balloon, which is another new balloon introduced this year is piloted by Rick Walczak of New Zealand 

The highlight of the fiesta is the Night Glow which was held on the 17th March at night where the balloons were light up synchronistically to the sound of the music.

During the Night Glow, all the balloons were lined up and lit with a special yellow flame and produce a dazzling light show.

The night ended with a spectacular show of fireworks. This is definitely a night to be remembered.