Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ah Hui Chicken Rice

There are quite a number of chicken rice stalls in Kuching. I was introduced to Ah Hui Chicken Rice a while ago and it was sold out by the time we arrive at 1220. Some regard this place as one of the best chicken rice in Kuching.

Ah Hui Chicken Rice is situated at Seafood Pandungan Bay Seafood (off Jalan Rumbia/Jalan Petanak). Basically, it is just beside the Petanak Central Market. 

During daytime the restaurant is basically a chicken rice shop and a seafood restaurant at night. It should be interesting to try its menu at night.

On my second attempt, I made it here as early as 1045, just right after they open for business. There was quite a crowd already by the time I arrive with some dine in and take away.

The chicken rice arrived pretty fast after the order was made. Only steamed chickens are available and no roast chicken option. The chicken is juicy and tender with hint of sesame oil. The chicken is topped with some pickled cucumber. The rice is also no ordinary rice as it is robust and rich in taste. Generous amount of chili sauce was served along with the dish.

I ordered a coconut to go along with the meal and the total cost worked up to RM 13. A plate of chicken rice here cost RM 7 according to the price list displayed on the stall. What set it apart from other shop is probably its rice and the pickled cucumber.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Hon Hin Cafe

One of the favourite place to have breakfast among the locals in Kuching is Hon Hin Cafe at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (same row of with CIMB bank and Alliance bank)

This place open early and already almost packed when I arrived at 6.40am. By 7am, queue started to form at the entrance of the shop. The shop interior is pretty old school and narrow. Due to its layout, it can be quite heaty even in the morning.

The place is famous for its kolo mee and mixed pork soup (a set cost RM 14). I dont find the kolo mee anything special but the mixed pork soup is worth a try. Although it is light, the presence of ginger and cooking wine are noticeable and don't overpower the overall the taste.

Another thing worth trying here is its maka coffee (RM 10). It has a rich taste and can be diluted down with warm water. It is served with the traditional small coffee cup, sugar and milk. 

Monday, July 31, 2023

Li Hua Hotel @ Bintulu Bus Terminal

I never ever stayed in any of Li Hua Hotel branches in my entire life and recently I have the opportunity to stay in one of their Bintulu branch. Bintulu has 2 Li Hua Hotels and the one I staying will be the one at the Bintulu Bus Terminal.

The hotel is conveniently located at the bus terminal and the lobby is virtually just beside the departure hall of the bus terminal. This is very convenient for the bus commuter who happened to arrive late at night.

The Deluxe Room (RM 98) is clean, quite spacious and well maintained. The 2 pillows are a bit too high and hard to my liking. Wifi connection is satisfactory and the surrounding area is not too noisy for a comfortable sleep at night.

The hotel coffee house is situated on the 1st floor. It has a long dining hall and is connected on this floor to the shopping mall. The complimentary breakfast serve here is pretty basic and nothing to shout about.

The building which houses the hotel also functions as bus terminal and a shopping mall on the first floor. The departure hall for the bus terminal is air conditioned. There is nothing much to see at the adjoining shopping mall with Mr DIY as the main tenant.

Overall, this is an excellent hotel for bus traveler although there are many more choices of hotels nearby the area. I would probably stay here again if I travelling here again by bus.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

1602 Craft Beer

Craft beer is nothing new to me and I had the opportunity to explore some of the international brands during my time in Malaysia capital city.

Now, my home state of Sarawak had produced locally produced craft beer with the name derived from the year when the first map of Borneo was published.

Currently, 1602 beers come in 4 flavours; Lager, Pale Ale, Wheat and Extra Dark. Price per cup range from RM 8-15 depending on the outlets visited and their set price. Usually, the wheat and Extra Dark will cost a little bit more.

Best beer to start with for starter will be the Lager which is the lightest. This is a refreshing beer with hint of fruits.

The Pale Ale is more mouthfeel than the lager with fruitness derived from the fermentation with English hops. Casual bitterness and low carbonation.

Wheat beer is inspired by the unique character of 3 major wheat beer style; German, Belgium and US. This 1602 wheat beer is still a decent one although I still prefer the German wheat beer.

I reckon the Extra Dark is the best beer in 1602 line up. Brewed with chocolate malts and roasted barley. Moderate mouthfeel, delightful coffee chocolate note serve with lower carbonation. It contains high level of antioxidant and vitamin B+ from the roasted barley malts.

I must agree that all the 1602 beers are easy to drink and its price make it more affordable for the locals to enjoy craft beer. The master brewer also successfully brewed the taste of all the beers to suit the local taste buds.

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Stay, Kapit

On 15th May 2023, a new accommodation has opened up in Kapit. It is situated at a new commercial area, just a stone throw away from the old town.

It is located at Jalan Selirik and directly opposite the Kapit police station. Parking spaces are plenty and will not an issue as compare to the old Kapit town.

The entrance door to this 22 rooms accommodation at the shop houses is kind of small to be noticed and is located beside the My Spec shop. I happened to be one of the earliest guest here on its soft opening day.

The room rate here is reasonable, ranging from RM100-140 depending the numbers of bed in a room. A single queen sized bed is as basic as it gets with room rate starting at RM100. The room is clean and furnished with new furniture.  The room is quite small and fitted with an oversized air conditioner unit. It is not too noisy as compare to staying at the old town as the surrounding shops here don't open as early as 5.30am

The toilet is even more compact without much clearance between the toilet bowl and the shower space.

Water dispensers are readily available at all corners of this place. Supermarket and coffee shops are all within walking distance which made this place an ideal place to stay.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

New Rejang Inn

From words of mouth, New Rejang Inn is one of the best place to stay while in Kapit. Located opposite Public bank and a stone throw away from the Kapit River Express Wharf, the hotel location is quite ideal.

The hotel lobby is one of the biggest I came across thus far in Kapit. It is well decorated with traditional craft as well as some old photos hanging on the wall.

The hotel room (RM 108) is quite spacious, only second to Greenland Inn. The room is generally clean and quite comfortable. My only complain is the air cond placement which is directly opposite the bed.

The room is also equipped with a mini refrigerator and a mini flat TV. The TV antenna is fitted weirdly on the refrigerator.

Room view with a glimpse of the Rejang River. As most business premises here open early in the morning, one can expect to hear noise from the outside as early as 5am.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tanjung Kembang Beach

Tanjung Kembang Beach in Kabong is another beach within the 100km radius from Sibu beside the one in Belawai. The journey here will passed through the newly constructed Pan Borneo Highway. At the time of writing, the road sign showing the direction of Roban and Kabong is yet to be in place.

Tanjung Kembang Beach is of longer stretch compare to that in Belawai. Due to its size, i find it less crowded. It has the basic amenities such as toilets, restaurant and recreation areas. I reckon this would be a better beach option for the people of Sibu within a 2 hours drive from the town.

There are a few chalets here and they look quite new and well maintained. I reckon the chalets here are not equipped with air conditioner as i did not spot the compressor unit outside the accommodation.

Probably one of the main attraction here for the children is a water park which cost RM5 for 2 hours. The opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the park.