Thursday, August 14, 2008

Navigational Chart

Navigational chart is like a map used by the ship en route to get to the destination. The most reliable chart provider/publisher is The British Admiralty Chart.

The hard copy charts like this is likely to get obsolete in the future as newer and modern ship is likely to be fitted with electronic charts, which make life a lot easier. With the hard copy chart, the ship's officer will need to update and do the chart correction on a regular basis, according to the Notice to Mariners


Nanaybelen said...

ahh.. welcome back.

now i know there is a route to be follow by the ship. I was wondering why there are still ships accidentally colliding against each other while infact, the ocean is so wide for them.

Borneo Falcon said...

Actually there are a lot more navigational equipment on ships such as Automatic Identification System, radar, radio and etc. Collision still happened due to human error and incompetency of the crew. The standard of seamen now had dropped tremendously.

Andrew said...

Amongst other things, i believe the more vital information that a nav chart provides is the depth under keel. Especially when navigating the riverine system.