Thursday, August 21, 2008

Johor Bahru Experience

Since we do not get to the city center in Johor Bahru, all is not lost. Just a stone throw away from Naza Hotel and Grand Bluewave is basically the Johor Straits. Just head to Jalan TG. Putri.

Along Tg. Putri road is a scenic walk, remind me of Gurney Drive at Penang. The coconut trees appear to be slanted. Along some part of the walk, one will also notice a small stretch of beach.

Singapore can be seen across the Johor Straits. Even the Singapore's Custom and Immigration at the Johor causeway is visible along the walk.

This bird was also found at the beach, looking for food. There is also simlilar bird like this in Sibu but the one in Johor Bahru is bigger in size.

Along the walk, we spotted some fishermen selling their catch of the day. NOTE: We took the walk in the morning.

The fishermen's boats can also be spotted here.

I came across this mangosteen structure along the way. Basically it is a stall selling sweets, snacks and fruit.

About half an hour walk, we arrived at the Zon, a duty free shopping complex. The pedestrian must follow the special path to enter and leave the complex. Johor Bahru International Ferry Terminal is also here.

This is how the shopping complex inside looks like. Cigarette, beer, liquor and chocolate are cheap here as they are tax free. But be warn not to carry a bulk of this things out from the complex to Johor Bahru as the custom officer out there will tax the items. Best way is to get them in small number and keep it in the bag or backpack. Better still buy and consume them inside the complex or the duty free compound.

Well, I had a bad experience at one of the shop, operated by the Zon, selling liquor and cigaratte. The staffs there are just plain rude. So, I ended up buying nothing from there as a result of their attitude.

There is a hotel attached to the complex, The Regency Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel as we managed to tour around the hotel.

Around the duty free zone area is an impressive selection of bars, karaoke and restaurants. The square is very well constructed and pleasant looking. The night life here would have been vibrant.

The giant horse statue in front of a karaoke center.

I spotted a rather interesting sculpture, called "The Birth" at the duty free zone area.

I have no idea who is the lucky baby girl is.

Overall, our journey at Johor Bahru was satisfactory. Not much to see and do, considering the location where we were staying. Our trip to Singapore was more interesting. So, stay tune for the future post.


Unknown said...

wow nice place.. ive been planning to go to singapore late this year... might check that place out ;)

Anonymous said...

nice pictures again. Thanks for sharing. I am frustrated because I wanted to passby singapore with my friends when i was working in ME long time ago. I able to passed kuala Lumpor but it was only one night and I did not went out already for the tour which was offered by the tourist agency.

Reanaclaire said...

yeah, i m going to sg end of this year too..but will be putting up in JB for a few nites before advancing to sg for 2 nites.. i wonder whether i should book the hotel now or not.. dec is peak season as usual...

Johnny Ong said...

last time, this zon area was under a diff management.

it was under the eden brand

Borneo Falcon said...

Eden is history now. It is manange by the Zon now. All the management including the hotel had been taken over.

my blog said...

its really nice place.

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elezend said...

Nice place, do you need certain permission to enter the duty free complex?

it looks like a good place to buy chocolate from ^_^