Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rejang Port Authority

Rejang Port Authority is the official port for Sibu town. Unlike any other port, Rejang Port Authority is an inland port, meaning that it is not a deep sea port and can only be reached by navigating through the river.

Rejang Port Authority basically situated at the intersection of Rejang River and Batang Igan. The best part of all, it is near to the town. Just walk out of the main entrance, one is already at the town square.

This is the administration building of the port. It is a 5 storeys building and I reckon the architecture of the building is rather unique. The canteen is also within this building at the groundd floor.

There is an anchor at the main entrance to the port. This is rather unique. The anchor had been there for a long time now, probably placed there in the 1980s.

I been to most of the ports in Malaysia and I would rate Rejang Port Authority as the most visitor friendly port. There is not much hassle to enter the port. Just surrender the identification card to the security post and a temporarily pass will be issued. Safety helmet must be worn and if one do not have one, the port will borrow one.

Round tour of the port area. The port area is actually quite spacious. I seen some major ports in Malaysia where the areas are narrower.

The only problem with the port is the lack of spaces for storing containers.

Hence, they just created another entance at the side and keep the excess container at a designated secured area at the Town square (phase 2)

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