Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet

I came across another metal minimalist wallet with the name Trayvax which market itself as a multifunctional tactical wallet.

I tried to purchased the wallet from Trayvax directly but they do not shipped to Malaysia. They directed me to a list of their authorized dealers. After going through the list of the authorized dealers, I decided to purchased it from Mukama Oy which is based in Helsinki, Finland. The shipment was quick from their warehouse in Talinn, Estonia and delivered by DHL.

After going through the different choices of wallets available, I opted for the Original 2.0 wallet. Prized at USD 34.99 or 28.15 Euro, the Original 2.0 is the cheapest metal minimalist wallet I had purchased by far.

The packaging is pretty simple. The wallet is put inside a durable sealable plastic packaging. Interestingly, it also mentioned who built this particular wallet. In this case, it was built by Mary.

The package comes in the wallet itself, a welcoming note and an instruction manual.  Scan the QR code, it will bring you to a YouTube video from the founder himself giving his appreciation on the purchase as well as introduction/vision of the company.

The construction of the wallet is pretty simple. It is made up by a piece of aircraft grade aluminum and a piece of stainless steel held together by MIL-SPEC paracord.

The aluminum piece came with various colors; black, grey, blue, pink and G10. The one I got here is OD green.

From the physical appearance, this wallet already look tactical and can withstand a lot of abuse. Everything is sourced and made in USA. All Trayvax wallets comes with 65 year heirloom warranty. With this kind of warranty and my current age, this wallet will last long enough to be hand down to my son and my grand children. 

The original 2.0 can accommodate a maximum of 15 cards and 5 bill. Since the cards are sandwiched between the 2 metal plates, the cards will be RFID protected. It also has a pry bar and bottle opener in way of the money/pocket clip.

To use the wallet is straight forward by adjusting (loosening or tightening) the paracord from the clasp opening to the knotted tail to accommodate the number of cards to be fitted in. One also have the option to change the paracord to their own liking.

The wallet also can accommodate 1 extra card at the front such as commuter or access card which require frequent scanning.

The money clip on this wallet is probably the best I come across so far. The clip did not protrude so much to cause some discomfort while inside the pocket. It is almost flush with the paracord and clasp opening.

Folding the cash twice would be the most ideal way to store cash at the money clip. However, I notice the edge of the cash will be caught by the edge opening of the stainless steel while trying to retrieving it.

The best way in my opinion would be folding the cash into thirds. However, it will cause the cash to bulge at the sides and affect the overall aesthetic when carrying the wallet.

Time to give the bottle opener a try. It will take some time to get use to but it will still perform according to what it is suppose to do. I definitely see myself carrying this wallet to duty free destinations when taking a flight as I will not be able to carry my trusty Swiss Army Knife without any check in luggage as this wallet is TSA approved.