Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sibu PC Fair December 2009

The PC Fair is back again. The fair is held every 4 months throughout Malaysia and Sibu Trade and Exhibition is the regular venue for such event (11-13 December 2009).

There is nothing new here as expected. Same old grandmother story. Most booths focus on the sales of laptop, printer and Celcom broadband services.

Now this type of case is what I been searching for, a full tower casing. This booth showcase a Zalman case with quite an impressive CPU cooler, Graphic Card, Motherboad, power supply and a comprehensive cooling system in it.

However, I saw an introduction of MSI and Lenovo laptop here. The other laptops available here are Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Asus and etc.

4 months ago, there was a dedicated booth selling Avira Anti Virus but they are nowhere to be seen this time. This time around only Kaspersky is available.

A stall behind the exhibition area for those who need a snack and drink.

Outside the exhibition hall is a dedicated area for E-Waste Recycling. This is we do our part to save the environment by recycling defective or obsolete computer units.

I can see a lot of CRT monitors lying around here. I also have a malfunction keyboard and an obsolete printers at my home which I would like to recycle.


Jean said...

so fast..ipoh january only got

A smile from SJ =)

Superman said...

went there this morning and got nothing for myself. Not much things to see actually.

Anonymous said...

ah, we were looking for a place to throw away our old dino desktop computer last month.

Andrew said...

why is Jacky Chan endorsing everything nowadays? Does the guy really need the money???