Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dine @ Peppers Cafe

Few days ago I went to Peppers Cafe at Tanahmas Hotel for a dinner to celebrate a special occasion. I have not dine here for a very long time and in fact this is my first visit here in 2009.

The ambience is nice as before. It was given a new face lift not too long ago.

A few changes were noted in my recent visit here. One of the changes is the introduction of the wireless paging system on every table which made life a lot easier for the employees and guests here. Just press the appropriate buttons when you are ready to order food, pay for the meal or simply request for a glass of plain water. Very efficient and I like it.

I believe this is one of the cost cutting measures implemented by the hotel management as fewer people are required to man this cafe with this system.

Mushroom soup (RM6.50) served with butter and bread. Strangely no butter knife was provided for me to slice the bread and spread the butter on it. The mushroom soup could have been better.

Mixed Juice (RM 11). One will be given 2 combination choices and I tried pineapple with apple. It might be a weird combination but it still works out alright.

One of Peppers Cafe signature dish is its cheese cake. Chocolate Coffee Cheese Cake (RM 7). Delicious as usual.

Fettucine Carbonara (RM 16.50). This is the first time I ever try a pasta dish here and I was rather disappointed. The pasta is supposed to be topped with mushroom sauce but it turned out to be rather plain.

Sizzling Lamb Chop (RM 27). Even the quality of the cooking style had drop for this dish. Still respectable but not as great as before. The mash potato used to be good but this time around (it tasted so good back then it reminds me of my ex warden in Manor Hall).

Some of the X'mas decoration here. Peppers Cafe has been a popular place for romantic X'mas dinner over the years.

I have to admit the quality of food here have dropped (hopefully, this is not part of the cost cutting measures) and I will probably be reluctant to come back here to dine again.

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Andrew said...

I think I've been to this place once before, during one of my vacations. Has a very nice n posh ambience to it. Your pasta does look a bit off...