Monday, December 28, 2009

Dayang Isah Tandang Sari Tomb

Dayang Isah Tandang Sari is a well known figure for the locals in Pusa and almost everyone here, old or young seems to know the location of her tomb. Pusa is a small town which is about 150km from Sibu.

To locate the tomb is like finding a needle in the haystack for first timer here. However, we bumped into a local youngster who was kind enough to lead the way to the tomb. To reach there, turn at the junction to Agro bank into the abandoned terrace houses area. The abandoned terrace houses are connected to the nearby Kampung Kalok via 5-6 parallel small lanes which are mainly surrounded by overgrown grass.

Turn into the last lane which lead to Kampung Kalok (before exiting to another main road) where one will come across this signboard.

The signboard shows the layout of the tomb complex. Basically there are 3 tombs here. This is probably the only historical place in Pusa with a legend behind it.

For the people of Pusa, Dayang Isah Tandang Sari was born in Pusa and was like a princess to them. According to the legend, she was a very beautiful lady and many men fell in love with her.

Somewhere along her life, she married to a handsome and strong man (name unknown). However their life was not smooth sailing as many other men who fell in love with her kept following them to wherever they go. Her husband got jealous and this put Dayang Isah Tandang Sari under tremendous pressure. The pressure got the better of her and she finally commit suicide.

The route to the tomb is rather challenging as if they do not want any visitors here (in fact there is no visible sign that anyone had visited this place for a very long time) . At the beginning of the route, dirty water seems to clog the area and one will have no choice to get wet and wade through it.

After negotiating the pool of stagnant water, are the tombs for Dato Godam and Pengiran Temenggung Abdul Kadir (which I reckon is the father of Dayang Isah Tandang Sari)

Well, the journey to Dayang Isah Tandang Sari tomb is not for the faint heart. I was lucky to have Bengbeng as my companion or else I might not have the courage to continue this journey alone.

The eerie surrounding and noise made us rather uncomfortable. The wooden plank is in a dilapidated condition and covered with the surrounding grass. I got the feeling as if someone was watching us. I never had any supernatural experience before in my life but without any iron rod, silver knife and salt as my protection to counter any spirits, this was rather a spooky place to be in.

After walking about 50-60m, the Dayang Isah Tandang Sari Tomb become more visible.

The tomb stone seems to be tied with a yellow cloth, which probably suggest that Dayang Isah Tandang Sari was of a royalty status


CH Voon said...

wo.... it is historical place

xsigns said...

spooky! do take precaution and see if anything is amiss in your life after this experience.

Bengbeng said...

the first stop was ok but as we approached the second one, i felt like we were in a different world, there was a rush of wind, a difference of atmosphere, the birds stopped moving .. i felt unwelcome. Did you notice that the tomb was very very clean?

Borneo Falcon said...

We should have brought along an electromagnetic field detector to detect if there was any "activities" around this area.

The last tomb was mysteriously very clean, assuming not many people come and visit this tomb.

CathJ said...

spooky but interesting..

Owen Choo said...

so isolated place... got see any thingy flying around? :p

wenn said...

i wouldn't explore such isolated place. u were brave.

Ensurai said...

Very interesting story indeed.

What are the official references to this historical figure?

Borneo Falcon said...

Sarawakiana: I read about the legend in Betong Council's website.

Anonymous said...

Maybe d people staying around there take care of it... D yellow cloth also looks new to me.. Kudos to u guys who took d effort to visit such an isolated historical place..