Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kampung Pusa

Kampung Pusa is a village just across the river from Pusa town. Out of curiosity, Bengbeng suggested us to take a boat to the village. The boat ride fare is RM 0.50 one way.

Kampung Pusa from the boat.

Children swimming and playing at the river

Cooking gas cylinders been delivered to the village via boat from Pusa Town

The boat will stop at any piers along the village. All the landing points are interconnected from the main road inside the village.

A large number of boats berthed/docked by the river bank create a spectacular scene I don't get to see very often. The wooden poles were erected to guide the boats to their intended berthing area.

Concrete and wooden walkway once leaving the pier which lead to the heart of the village.

This is the main road of Kampung Pusa. I noticed a car here and found out from the locals that one can drive here on land from Spaoh (which is quite a distance away).

I think the people here don't get to see any outsider or foreigner here and most of them looked at us with curiosity. However, we had a wonderful time here as all the people here are friendly and helpful.

Goats run freely here.

SJK Chung Hua Pusa Primary School.

Rambutans are of abundance here. It costs only RM 0.20 per bundle

A few houses been partially converted to convenient stores. Interestingly, the stores are not manned at all time. Just give the owner a shout if you plan to buy any items and the owner will probably appear from the living room.


Bengbeng said...

oiii a bundle of rambutans please :)

wenn said...

interesting! Happy 2010!

Ensurai said...

I have never been to Pusa.

Thanks. Very delightful

Anonymous said...

where is pusa? i was trying to drive to kanowit one day but found myself uncertain of the roads, i turned back after i've reached the new road and went into the road on the wrong direction. i thought that was scary.

Tonney said...

Looks like it hasn't changed much since the last 20 years I was there. I really miss this place I went together with my dad when I was little.