Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sibu Chritsmas Trees 2009 @ Night

Sibu Town Square Phase 1 come alive at night and so as the Christmas trees on display here. I had shown the trees in detail in broad daylight and let's see how they fare at night.

KTS Tree

Kingwood Tree

Subur Tiasa Tree

Delta Tree (a.k.a 1 Malaysia Tree)

Sugar Bun Tree

Farley Tree

Sing Kwong Tree

Pansar Tree

Tanahmas Tree

Zoo Bee Garden Tree

Daesim Tree

Ta Ann Tree

Many people throng this place at night and the children seems to have a great time admiring those trees. It's an amazing atmosphere but the annoying thing is the organizer seems to blast the X'mas songs here. I hope they tuned the volume down a bit.


foongpc said...

Wow! how come Sibu is so into Christmas trees?

Kikey Loo said...

very nice and cOol!!

even got more feel then London leh :P

wenn said...

they look beautiful at night..

Gabriel said...

wow...din know sibu is so happening now. so many trees around..haha..:D

ChrisAu said... really great to be there to see so many xmas trees!

Unknown said...

Beautiful show of Christmas trees. Thanks for sharing! :)

Andrew said...

So where was Ngiu Kee tree? LOL

Anonymous said...

i also writing about x'mas tree in sibu town square. visit