Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carlsberg Gold

Recently, I came across another Carlsberg product, Carlsberg Gold from a local supermarket and decided to give it a try as I never try this type of beer. It costs around RM 6.20-RM6.70.

This product replaces Carlsberg's 160th anniversary brew. Made from 3 different malts like crystal, brown and lager blended to perfection with hops and Carlsberg's world famous yeast, Saccharomycos Carlsbergensis.

It is brewed with slightly higher alcohol content of 5.5% compare with other beers in the market.

Gold was the chosen name as it symbolized power, strength and perfection.

A comparison of Carlsberg Gold bottle with the normal Carlsberg beer in the market. Obviously, it has a striking resemblance with the old Carlsberg bottle.

Once pour to a cup, it produces quite a head. The head was quite dense and last for a decent duration of time

Carlsberg Gold is surprisingly smooth. The taste is totally different from a normal beer. It is definitely one of the best beer around. Definitely deserve a "Gold" medal from me


CH Voon said...

never try gold one before.

surprise that you said the beer is smooth.

The costs is quite ok and reasonable...

can i buy it anywhere...

Jean said...

5.5%..wont get drunk rite?

A smile from SJ =)

Malaysia Asia said...

Salah posting la above, sorry.

Anyway, you should come to KL and try out some of the beers sold here. There are a few can beers that have 13.5% alcohol content. I drank 2 cans, mabuk....

Malaysia Asia

Anonymous said...

This stuff must be quite a bit stronger than "Green Carlsberg".
In 1983 I was working on a AHTS vessel based in Kudat. One evening
ashore the crew treated our captain to some 6-8 bottles of this stuff. He was a seasoned beer drinker, but this stuff screwed him up. I had to charter a pick-up in order to get him back onboard.
He was legless.

Pelaut Mat Salleh

Anonymous said...

Pelaut Mat Salleh again; Correction to my earlier post-
I just returned home from a trip to Malaysia. I checked up on the beer that made my colleague legless. It appears that this was Carlsberg Special Brew, not Gold.
At 8,8% no wonder he got dizzy...

Ben said...

Me looking for the bottle