Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kanowit Cultural Park

Just next to Fort Emma is a small park called Cultural Park. I accidentally found this park while exploring the fort surrounding area.

It is quite obvious why it is named this way as the park incorporate some cultural elements of Sarawak's ethnic groups

The park also have a commanding view of the Kanowit River.

There are enough trees around here to provide the necessary shade on a hot afternoon.

However, the park has been poorly maintained. In fact, I think it was abandoned. It is sad to see the park to be such state. This water fountain with its lighting were left to rot here.

Just beside the park is a well maintained and beautiful basket ball and sepak takraw court. This is probably the most colourful basketball court I ever come across. What a way to play the sports surrounded by the refreshing lush green surrounding.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice park..

Jean said...

love shades

A smile from SJ =)

pusangkalye said...

how many parks are there in your area mate? it seems to me that there are thousands of open spaces...good though because you don't feel crowded....

Anonymous said...

funny things is, i've never been to konawit. i shuld drive there one day. :)