Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pusa Town

Pusa is a small town about 150km away from Sibu. Once arrived at the town, the fish mascot greets the visitors. I have no idea why this fish is selected as mascot as I hardly notice anyone fishing here and this fish is not widely sold in the market here.

There is about 2 rows of shop houses here which mainly owned by the Chinese. Most of them are convenient and sundry shops which enjoy brisk business by providing the essential supplies to the people at Kampung Pusa, just across the river.

Food Court at the edge of the town

Pusa marketplace. Gula Sarawak (Sarawak Sugar) seems to be widely sold here and I reckon is the signature product here.

Children playing at the play ground

A lot of Durians are on sale here. Almost all the Durians here are from Kabong. They are simply delicious and cheap. 3 for RM10 only.

The most busy part of the town is the jetty itself where people commute to the opposite Kampung Pusa. The boat fare is also surprisingly cheap at RM0.50 one way to Kampung Pusa.

Saribas River view from Kampung Kalok. Beladin town is across this river and there is a ferry nearby which serve this area.


ChrisAu said...

What food do they served at the food court? The place looks very peaceful!

Bengbeng said...

wow u r fast.. i still not yet post betong rest stop haha

Bengbeng said...

i hope u dont mind i have incorporated yr comments into my posts so as to give the posts more ahem ahem credibility :)

escape said...

one thing i noticed on most of the places that you feature here. they are usually serene and so peaceful.

pusa in Tagalog (our national language) means Cat. so when you have your post title as pusa town it sounded like Cats Town. hehehe...

oh yes durian! i like that.

foongpc said...

I notice your place like to feature animals as mascots. What gives?

foongpc said...

Wow! 3 durians for only RM10? That's cheap! But what durians are those? Can't be D24 right?

Anonymous said...

Pusa in sarawak malay language means cat too. and the mascot fish is terubuk fish. The Greater Pusa is very well known for their very top quality of ikan terubuk. The icon of sarawak for the tourists, especially from Malaysia Peninsular tourists.