Friday, December 4, 2009

Cafe Cafe

One of the well known cafe and restaurant in Sibu town is Cafe Cafe, located at Chew Geok Lin Road, just next to the Tua Pek Kong Temple. This is one of the old building structures still standing in Sibu town.

Cafe Cafe has been around for years since its first outlet at Kampung Nyabor Road. Recently, I manage to visit Cafe Cafe for the very first time since they moved to this location.

Don't let its outside appearance fool you. I was rather surprised how many tables it can accommodate inside the 3 storey building. The lighting is a bit dim here but this kind of create a romantic atmosphere. Frankly, it is rather dark here that I find it hard to see (and even identify) my food properly.

On the 3rd level, what seems like a private space for those who want more privacy.

Green salad (RM 4.50) with Thousand Island dressing. Surprisingly, it tastes really good.

The best food of the night got to be Mamak Noodle (RM 8.50). It's hard for me to describe the taste but it has a distinguished flavour that set it aparts from other noodles I tried before. It still maintain the flavour which I crave for when eating at the mamak stalls in Peninsular Malaysia. Thumbs up for this dish.

Sweet Vinegar Chicken (RM 28). Basically has sweet and sour taste to it. Nice and neat presentation.

Nyonya Set (RM14.90). This dish portion is quite huge and can basically feed 2 person. 2 big drumsticks cooked in Nyonya style is the highlight of this set. Served with side dishes such as acar, fried brinjal, chips and fruits. Overall, a satisfying experience.

Chicken Chop (RM 18). Another neat presentation with grilled chicken and topped up with what I assume to be mushroom sauce. Served with potato wedges and stir fried vegetables.

Lamb Chop (RM 22). No dressing on the lamb noted (which is how it is suppose to be). The lamb is tender and cooked with perfection. Served with potato wedges and stir fried vegetables.

Chocolate Smoothies (RM 7.50). A mixture of banana and chocolate. Taste pretty good.

I am surprised with their dishes. I never realize the food served have improved by leaps and bounds since they moved to this new location. However some of their dishes such as Penang Kueh Tiau (Rm 8.50) and Szechuan Soup (RM 8.50) failed to impress me.

Generally, the food here is satisfactory. The only issue is the price is a bit steep.


Malaysia Asia said...

The salad looks like a major turn off. I still do not understand why Malaysians love their salads with Thousand Island!?!?!?11!?!

Anyway, nice review.

Malaysia Asia

CH Voon said...

the price is slight expensive!

the sweet Vinegar chicken look nice & chicken chop...

the lamb chop look so dry... nice??

Chocolate Smoothies - rm7.5 mmmm no comment

Reanaclaire said...

BF: So u r in sibu... do u know STP? he is staying in sibu...

Borneo Falcon said...

reanaclaire: Heard of STP but never knew him in person

sabahking said...

yaya my friend is from sibu !!The price of cafe cafe for me is quite expensive leh especially for vinegar chicken !!

ChrisAu said...

lots of food here bro! The price looks reasonable but I like the surroundings and the their initiative to transform the pre-war shophouse into something so lovely like this.

Annie Q said... cafe...ok, when i go back next round i want to try out this cafe.

hahahha, the way you describe the lighting in the cafe, too dark and you hardly can see your food properly. funny!

That plate of mee mamak look nice.

eunice said...

hello! wow u r also a foodie. Hope that after my Sabah trip, I would have the chance to go Sarawak too!
Yeah I got what you mean, usually shophouses has narrow fronts but deep rears.

Owen Choo said...

If compare to other cafe in Sibu, some of the price here are still cheaper.. but as a whole... it is still luxury spending for a normal office worker la.. ;)

SpyN3tz said...

wow..i want that chicken chop...slruppppp.....


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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

The food look yummy (*_*).