Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sibu Christmas Procession 2009

The annual Christmas Procession went on smoothly last night even though there was an intermittent drizzle throughout the event. I believe the Lord was looking after us as the sky was very dark since 3pm and everyone was expecting a heavy downpour.

This time around I studied the procession route and decided to station myself at the Sarawak House overhead bridge so I can have a better aerial view and assuming less people will congregate here.

The theme for this year is "Joy to the World"

The Girl's Brigade Bands

SMK Tung Hua School Band

Scouts dressed in Scottish attire and musical instruments

Various churches members who joined the procession. Everyone was happy and brave through the unpredictable weather.

Children on bicycles

Strangely, a clown made an appearance in the procession

The main attraction of the procession got to be the floats from the town's churches. Somehow the floats' qualities seem to drop over the years.

Fu Yuan Church float. Luckily the designer of this float took into consideration the height of the overhead bridge or else it will be a disaster as the float appears to be a bit taller. Somehow there was a hinge to lower the "tower" and hence avoid the collision.


Bengbeng said...

i was there under the bridge for a while :) last night

escape said...

wow! i like the boat with lights! nice to know that christmas is part of your celebration. here in the philippines, it will be grand as well as it's the country's biggest holiday season.

CH Voon said...

so happening in Sibu especially during Christmas day.

is it raining day?

Every year, this kind of activities going on?

Jean said...

like d lighting

A smile from SJ =)

amycheah said...

how good, we never have "christianity" parade in penang. Mostly here is the buddish parade only.

KwOnG FeI said...

xmas procession?
first time heard of it..
i think west malaysia dun hav such event..
btw, from ur blog, there is a lot of special event that i never see be4

Ensurai said...

Lovely photos and photo angle.

Where were you standing?