Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wedding Day @ Bride's House

Wedding day starts at 0800 with the groom and the brothers stormed to the bride's house. The bride's "army" of sisters were there to intercept us

The band of sisters prepare for the arrival of the groom and close the gate immediately to prevent us from entering the bride's house

Finally, the groom had arrived

The bride and the brothers (which include myself, not shown here as I was the photographer) were gearing up to "tackle" the obstacles which had been prepared by the band of sisters.

First task, the brothers must kiss the groom. Oh crap!

So, some of the brothers like Colin step up to the challenge. I also notice the best man, David and the other brother, Siong involved in the "kissing" session. After the task was completed, the gate was opened.

We were denied access to the bride's house once again at the main entrance. Another obstacle awaits us. The groom need to make the right pick. He needs to choose the one with the bride's name underneath those covered papers.

His first pick was incorrect. He had pick the bride's elder sister and been punished to kiss her hand.

Lucky for the groom, his second choice was correct, otherwise more punishment awaits.

Still the band of sisters did not allow us to enter and another obstacles came out of nowhere. We had to finish the sour, sweet and bitter concoctions (3 cups in total) created by the sisters. All the concoctions symbolize the sweet, sour and bitter life both the groom and the bride will endure in their future undertakings.

The groom and the brothers trying their best to finish up the concoctions. It was a breeze without much complication.

Next in line was the Wasabi sandwich. This was one arduous task as my throat was virtually on fire trying to swallow the remaining sandwich down my throat. Worse of all, we were not provided any water to wash down our throats.

The girls enjoying "torturing" us

At last, we were granted access to the bride's house.

Before we continue, we were served the "longevity" noodles. It is a Foochow tradition to take this noodles.

After finishing our meal, the band of sisters had another surprise for us, forming a barricade at the stairs and preventing us to reach the bride's room.

Aren't the girls lovely and beautiful?

The next task was to continue the song initially sang by the sisters. (Pardon about the angle of the video)

This was no easy task. Just observe how the groom's team struggle

After the "caroling" session, the best man was punished by the sisters. Poor guy.

Now we were allowed to go up half way along the stairs. So near yet so far. The bride's room was within vicinity now.

However, the last task was a few Q & A session and signing an "agreement" that the groom will be a good and obedient husband in the future.

Finally, the groom and the bride were united and been escorted down stair.

Next ceremony to be observed was the bowing ceremony to the bride's ancestors, parents and relatives.

After that, it's time to head for the church

Before the car left the bride's house, firecrackers been lay down at the porch area and ignited.

It's really fun and I enjoyed myself. Pretty much remind me of what I endure last year during my wedding day.


Kikey Loo said...

since i away from my hometown, so i never have chance to join my relative or my frens wedding.

based of ur post, that really fun! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a unique and fun wedding. I can see how the guests enjoy there. It is fantastic.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

halo, haven been visiting. juz too busy.Ooo, wedding day is juz so exciting and fun!

Billy Toh said...

Hey, it must have been a cool wedding. I didn't realize that nowadays wedding still got those stuff that you guys went through. loL!! Probably I'm a bit too young to know these sort of stuff...most of my friends have yet to marry...haha! 20 years old group of people mostly still studying in university. It must have been great to be there for your friends, right?
So happy for you and your friends. It's fantastic to see one's life connected to the other. =P

eunice said...

So much fun there hahah! Where were you? Never see you kena sabo! XD

Can light firecrackers ah?

Anonymous said...

i love weddings, hvn't been one like that b4. :P

Borneo Falcon said...

I was busy taking shots. Be assured that I also endure the punishments. My face should appear in the next few posts.

Firecracker...... is actually illegal here. But there is lack of enforcement. We even played firecracker here during Chinese New Year

Piggiemily said...

Wahaha... I love the song! LOL!

Annoymous said...

wasabi sandwich ..... ooooo

Nanaybelen said...

What a cool wedding . so much fun. You were in formal attire but you were punished by drinking and eating.. hehehe

soulesscloudy said...

Nice tradition... protect the culture.. the longevity noodle look nice.. but what is the ingredient??

Borneo Falcon said...

Not sure what is the ingredient. Maybe just flour. First, boiled the noddle until it was cooked. Add chicken soup to it and it is ready for consumption. For some reason, if left long enough, it will absorb the soup

TNH said...

very interesting and fun way to deny you guys

EJ said...

That's very interesting tradition of wedding. It looks so much fun, i feel bad for the grooms men though hehee..

I am following your blog now man..

Anonymous said...

its very nice to learn other culture's practices on events.. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, that looks like a lot of fun. especially for the ladies hahaha..

amycheah said...

That's really fun ...

Anonymous said...

it must be a challenging and wonderful wedding ceremony

Josephine said...

hahaha, I cannot show this post to my dear, if I show it to him, he will not marry me d.

Unknown said...

wow you have cute things and ceremonies before the wedding itself! it must be fun!! hmmmm i might try to do something like that when i get married! hehehe

Anonymous said...

So much fun before the wedding - wedon't have that kind of things over here. I enjoyed very much to read about it all!